View Full Version : Congrats to The Sun's Jacqueline Ann Surin!

25-05-2007, 06:45 PM
Ms Surin won the Excellence in Opinion Writing (National English publication) award at the recent Society of Publishers in Asia Awards for Editorial Excellence (see report in the Spore Straits Times (http://straitstimes.asia1.com.sg) today).

These awards are considered among the most prestigious in the region.

Each year, the most inspiring news stories, features, photographs and illustrations from publications in Asia (such as the South China Morning Post of Hong Kong, the Spore Straits Times and Time Asia) are judged by a panel of judges.

Ms Surin's articles "examined the cracks in Malaysia's image as a moderate Muslim nation and the threats to the liberties of non-Muslims, ethnic minorities and women in the country. Her unstinting and personable way of writing impressed the judges".

I think that Ms Surin is a true example of a "towering Malaysian" - someone who can compete on an equal footing with her peers from the top publications in Asia.

For the record, one of the top prizes in the international, English-language category went to the International Herald Tribune, which also won awards for excellence in explanatory reporting and reporting on the environment