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17-05-2007, 03:38 PM
Has anyone been there lately? Any recommendation on the hotel stay, places to visit & the contact of any Medan's travel agent? TQ :)

17-05-2007, 04:56 PM
there is a new ferry from Lumut to Medan...under RM100 for the round trip.

Cheers, m

17-05-2007, 05:38 PM
Thanks AllUrban, air tickets have been booked. Just need to book for the ground arrangements. Cheers ;)

17-05-2007, 07:16 PM
there is a new ferry from Lumut to Medan...under RM100 for the round trip.

Cheers, m

The ferry service is from Lumut to Belawan in Sumatra. Medan is nearby though. The last I checked on the fare was RM90 one way for the 4-hour journey.
Makes more sense to take the AA flight to Medan I think.

06-06-2007, 01:17 PM
Hi Eve,

I have just returned from Medan/Lake Toba and it was a fabulous trip.

Medan - There isn't much to see here, but we visited the museum (can be done in less than an hour), the Wildlife Gallery (or Rahmat Shah Gallery), Istana Maimun (15 mins), some Chinese temple near the Rahmat Shah Gallery, textile street at Kumango (or Perniagaan).

Lake Toba - we broke the journey down as it was too taxing to drive non-stop all the way. We stopped at Siantar for breakfast (very nice wantan like noodles) and a tea plantation (forgot the name). When you reach Prapat, take the ferry to Samosir (every hour for passengers) and scheduled time for the bigger vessels carrying vehicles.

When you are at Lake Toba, you have to stay at Samosir Island (the better hotels are Toledo Inn and Carolina), which is an island in Lake Toba. The lake is freakin' HUGE. Samosir Island is just slightly smaller than Singapore (the driver told us "Bu.. Orang Indonesia selalu bilang Singapura itu Tahi Kalimantan!)"

We also checked out a place called Brastagi - sorta like our Cameron Highlands. I think we stayed at Hotel Sibayak. You can see the 2 volcanoes in the vicinity - Sibayak & Sinabung. Check out the local market in the mornings - they have the freshest fruits and vegetables there. Go up Gunung Gundaling which offers a view of Brastagi town and Sibayak.

Then, another stop is Sipisopiso Waterfalls which is just a short stop from the town Tongging. The waterfalls emerges from an underground cave to fall several hundred feet down. You can even track down to the waterfalls for a swim.

Food - I insisted on the local food. The food is amazing but the drinks tend to be a tad too sweet. Don't ask me the names of the food, I just know they were delicious!

Let me know what else you need to know and I will try my best to answer you.


06-06-2007, 03:02 PM
Thanks Sherry for the sharings. Are you on 4D/3N tour? Did you book your accommodation & tour in advance or upon arrival? Any contact/email address of the travel agent? Thanks. :p

06-06-2007, 03:22 PM
Great place to visit. I was there a few times as stopovers on the way to Aceh. Worth taking an extended stay; esp Toba.

06-06-2007, 03:58 PM
Yes 4D/3N. No travel agent because my friend kindly loaned us her driver when we were in Medan. The driver is a Batak Karo who explained some stuff at the museum.

When we set off to Lake Toba and Brastagi, my friend played tour guide. We were also very lucky to have her other driver who's a Batak Toba who answered my questions from us.

My friend did mention something about a friend who's a travel agent, maybe I could check it out for you?

06-06-2007, 05:54 PM
Hi Sherry, it would be great if you can get the contact/email address of the travel agent for me. BTW, your PM box is full, can't PM to you ;)

08-06-2007, 05:44 PM
Just cleared my mailbox. Hehe

I've just PMed you the details.

28-12-2011, 10:28 AM
I had just returned from a trip to Medan and Lake Toba. Lovely places but long trip over winding & bumpy roads. Just a note to be careful when booking an agent. With today's ease in using the internet to get bookings, there is the danger of bogus agents or agents who failed to perform (like mine). Searching for the best deal, I had commissioned a highly recommended guy name Derajad or Ajad (Tamasya/Wisata Tour) to handle my group of 11, and he failed to turn up at the airport. You can imagine the hassle of waiting in vain, making a police report, rearranging the itinerary and losing a couple of million rupiahs! I have learned my lesson: pay a little more and go through an agent registered with the local travel & tour association. Fortunately, I had the assistance of the North Sumatra director of tourism to see us through. We even appeared in color on the front page of the local daily! Do go visit Lake Toba and stay a few days (we stayed at Tabo Cottages at Tuktuk in Samosir, a lovely place for relaxation).

28-12-2011, 12:50 PM
Yeah be careful when travelling in remote parts of Indonesia like Sumatera and Kalimantan. Well, actually, even be careful in Jakarta... yours truly got conned last trip by the cab driver..

The driver asked me if I wanted to buy an Indonesian mobile phone card prepaid and I told him I have an Indonesian mobile prepaid number already. Only problem is I need to go to the hotel, get online to the mobile phone website and top up my prepaid by Rp200,000 and that was when I got stung....

The driver offered to do it for me using his Samsung Galaxy coz he is an authorized agent. When we reached the hotwl, I paid him the fares plus the Rp200,000 and he said I shud be able to use my phone as soon as I put in the SIM card.

My phone was never uploaded and I never took the number of the taxi driver down....

29-12-2011, 04:48 PM
There will always be hustlers around anywhere and for travellers it pays to be extra careful . When i was in siem reap we specifically arranged for the return journey to the airport but we were told that it was not included and we had to pay an extra 15us. Rather than stirring up a lot of dust and getting agitated we just paid.