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16-05-2007, 09:01 AM
I have posted on this topic in an earlier thread, but the latest report from the Business Software Alliance makes interesting reading.

In BSA's fourth Global PC Software Piracy Study, carried out together with IDC, the US had the lowest percentage (21%) of software installed that was illegally obtained.

For the Asia-Pacific region:

New Zealand 22%
Japan 25%
Australia 29%
Singapore 39%
S Korea 45%
Malaysia 60%
India 71%
China 82%
Vietnam 88%

Is it a coincidence that the richer countries have a lower incidence of software piracy?

Or that Malaysians simply have a bo chap attitude with regard to software piracy and the protection of intellectual property (IP) rights?

And all those who moan that the MSC has become a white elephant might want to consider if the lax enforcement of IP rights in the country has anything to do with the reluctance of the big software companies to set up shop here.

Ullas Sahadevan
16-05-2007, 12:32 PM
Is it a coincidence that the richer countries have a lower incidence of software piracy?Yes, rightly so, because the developed countries can very much afford these software. Well come to think about the mindset of people in the developing countries, I don't think there would be anything stopping them from using licensed version of the software, except for the cost!

I always wondered, why software never comes in a pay-per-use model, especially for home users. Something like charging a yearly small fee for using software. Software manufacturers can not just save millions by preventing piracy, but also make good money (if you look at this as the long tail).

17-05-2007, 06:08 AM
Another reason for the widespread of piracy is because it is widely available. In another word, the enforcement in the developing countries or less rich countries not strong enough... probably the government may have put their resources into other development? ;)