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08-05-2007, 08:27 PM
This thread is dedicated to assist in the Procedures of Reporting Fault and submitting your Complaint to the correct regulatory bodies.

Reference from my own blog:*

*Don't read the rest, its basically rubbish that i put on during my free time.

Here is a step by step and checklist guide for an almost airtight case against your ISP.

Part 1:
How to respond and make a complaint (Generally)

Customer Service of any ISP (Via phone)
1. Note down the time, date and the nature of your complaint
2. The name of the customer servicer officer attended to your call
3. How long the conversation took. (optional)
4. How long did it take to resolve the problem. (optional)

In the event your ISP sends Engineers or Technicians or Contractors for remedial works.
1. Note down the time and date your made the appointment for
2. Did the said Contractor appear.
3. If he did appear ask him to sign a small piece of letter/or receipt/ or whatever document that you can get your hands on to prove that he was there. (if he did not appear, call up the Customer Service officer to follow up)
4. Write down the nature of your problem
5. Was it Rectified?
6. Did it cost you a sum of money to rectify the problem? (Bill and receipt please keep)

If your ISP has fails to remedial your problem...
1. Customer Service Officers are rude; passing you around constantly; hanging up on you; giving you tonnes of excuses and so forth.
2. Contractors fail to turn up as appointed
3. ISP fails to respond to your return enquiries

**** VERY important***
Take note the following before your proceed...
1. Always send your mails (via postal service) by AR Registered post only or any other postal service you can prove that you have send your enquiries.
2. IF by FAX make sure it is clear and you have the transcripts
3. Email is not recommended.
4. New but untested "Record phone conversations with Customer Service Officers"
5. Keep all your documents i.e. correspondence; bills and etc... in Chronological order, date; time and events.
6. always Carbon copy your letters to the following bodies...
a) Consumer Tribunal (A unit of MDTCA)

b) Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs "MDTCA"

c) Consumer Forum Malaysia "CFM"

d) Malaysia Comunication and Multimedia Commission. "MCMC"

For the sake of time saving
(Problem = Internet disruption, intermittents, slow connection, no internet etc... )

Step 1:
Write a letter to your ISP in relations to the problem at hand. Asking for an explanation and also remedial/retification of the problem. Give them 14 days to reply to your queries.

Step 2:
No reply from ISP: Problem not resolved give them another 14 days to remedy the problem.

Reply from ISP/ problem still not rectified: Ask them when will the problem be rectified, the nature of the problem and etc... Give them 14 days to reply.
(*Remember to note down if they decide to call you up to respond to your queries)

Reply from ISP/problem rectified: Take note of the rectification done and also the problem. Make a diary of how often you experience internet problems (wait for the next internet problem to occur). *Only if your ISP is notorious for break downs.

Step 2 will continue until the ISP has rectified your problem and attended to your queries for at least 3 months (90 Days).

Before proceeding to step 3:

You must at least have exhausted all avenues of your complaint with the ISP concerned. Meaning you have wrote to them, you have complaint to their Customer Service Officers (low level pencil pushers); their Supervisors (Mid Level) and finally to their Management (Highest Level). You must play the ISPs game, if they have a proper complaint department and procedures. your expected to follow to the dot and without a blink.

After 3 months of writing and calling back and forth....

Step 3:
Proceed your complaint to the relevent bodies, each will give you different remedies and will have different effects...

Consumer Tribunal
Normally if you go down this road, what can you expect:
1. Terminate your contractual agreemet (very likely)
2. You can try your luck at the "Best Effort Basis" and bring in your sad stories. All the documents and time wasted on just asking them to remedy a small problem.

Good Effect:
1. Maximum inconvenience to ISP, hiring lawyers, attending court etc...
2. Adding an ISP to the notorious statistic of bad A$$ ISP.
3. Generates some public interest
4. will only cost you RM 5.00 bucks to file a Summons
5. You can invite officers from MCMC to become your star witness :P

Bad Effect
1. Travelling expenses your own and you need to compile countless evidence to prepare for a hearing.
2. Look for the nearest CT and most convenient for you.

***Note If you have submitted your complaint to Tribunal, you can only submit to the jurisdiction of tribunal which will make your complaint to anyone else void***

Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs
So far i have spoken to an officer of MDTCA, they only handle complaints in relations to Telekom (streamyx and Tmnet etc...).

You can address your correspondence to MDTCA together to CFM.

Consumer Forum Malaysia & MCMC
The gateway to MCMC, CFM acts as a filter before your complaint can go to the next level. Normally CFM will try and negotiate with the ISP to find ways to resolve your problems without going at each other neck.

If the matter can be resolved it will end at CFM stage.
If the matter cannot be resolved it will be elevated to MCMC, they have their own tribunal in relations to ISP related dispute but it will come at a price. Check the following link for details.

09-05-2007, 01:55 AM
and so, whats the verdict?

11-05-2007, 05:37 PM
I tried consumer tribunal route, it was fun and they terminated my contract and the internet company couldnt argue much. (provided you have other alternative ISP providers) otherwise you'd just shot yourself on your own foot.

The rest i have yet to try it out, but i have spoken to Ministry officials. they say at the moment responce and complaints to them are "weak", since no one ever bothers submitting any complaint to them or worse still no one even notice that this bodies even exist!

Last i recall the ministry official pointed out that only about 300++ complaints were made in the year 2005.

The figure say it all.

12-05-2007, 02:46 AM
any compensation?

12-05-2007, 12:27 PM
For consumer tribunal like i said, the president of the tribunal allowed me to terminate my contract without compensation (because you will need to prove that you suffered damage i.e. i bump into your car, and you needed to repair your car). For internet on the other hand, the lost of any connectivity does not result to damage for a residential user (maybe for commercial).

*Note: Look carefully in your terms and agreement, although you may be doing online trading, ecommerce etc... the T & A might exclude you. (since your on a residential line)

Contract was 1 yr, if i should terminate before the contract expires i will have to pay the remaining balance of months i did not use.** This is the only feasibe option, if your isp is raising hell for you and you have other alternative isp to choose from.

**Example: you signed a contract for one year, you used 3 mths and decide to quit. You will have to pay for the balance 8 mths which you did not use, your in breach of the contract. So read before you pen down your name.