View Full Version : Poignant cartoon in the Spore Sunday Times

23-04-2007, 10:14 AM
The Spore Sunday Times yesterday printed on its editorial page a very relevant cartoon by Heng Kim Song of Lianhe Zaobao .

The first panel, referring to the massacre at Virginia Tech showed a grieving woman with her hands over her face, with paramedics carrying dead or wounded persons, with the words: "IN VIRGINIA: A DAY OF HORROR"

The second panel showed another grieving woman with her hands over her face, with dead bodies in the background, with the words: "IN BAGHDAD: JUST ANOTHER DAY"

This is in no way to trivialise the horror that was visited on the innocents at Virginia Tech, but such is the power and reach of the American media that this tragedy was felt worldwide. Whereas the fact that are innocents dying in Baghdad and other parts of Iraq daily seems to rate very low in the scheme of things.

Sad, but true.