View Full Version : 150,000 Punches?

04-04-2007, 08:57 AM

Can you guys see any point in holding this event where martial artistes are going to perform a total of 150,000 powerful punches for 50 hours ?

What is the point?

It's not really that challenging. Unless of course they are going to punch bricks non-stop for 50 hours. If it is going to turn out to be punching air for 50 hours, I really see no point in doing it.

there will be 25 kickboxers involved and I assume that each kickboxer punches for one hour. Assuming a person punches 300 punches for the first hour (not an amazing feat), he rests and the next person continues, and so on,.... At the end of the day, one just need to punch 300 times one hour, then take a break for 24 hours and repeat cycle two! You do the math and it will total up to 150,000 punches.

It would be amazing to see a person punching continuously non-stop, no-break for 50 hours. but I really doubt so.

what do you guys think? will they take a break and asks somebody to carry on? if this is the case, it's nothing really special.