View Full Version : Attempted Break-In At SS19 Keranji Apartments

12-03-2007, 09:38 PM

Time : 11.25 P.M
Date : 11th March 2007 (Sunday)
Block : D

Neighbour “Z” was resting in his lounge on the highest floor (5th floor) when he heard noises of footsteps on his ceiling above him at about 11.25PM. He even heard voices of at least 2 people talking to each other. Upon informing his other housemate who was in the room at that time, his housemate heard the exact footsteps above them. They also found out that there was a small peephole enough for an eye to see through above their ceiling. They also noticed that their kitchen ceiling was opened up and there were footprint marks on the kitchen wall.

After informing Keranji Apartments guards on duty to check the situation, the Head of Sime UEP’s Security for that night, called the PDRM (Polis Diraja Malaysia). A patrol car arrived in a few minutes with two police officers. They went to the affected unit to check the situation. An unmarked pearl orange Proton Putra (believed to be CID) with two plainclothes policemen arrived within minutes and identified themselves as police as well. They too went to check out the scene.

After much deliberation, “Z” followed the uniformed policemen in the patrol car to the police station to have his statement recorded and to lodge a police report.

While “Z” was at the station, a few brave neighbours and one SIME UEP guard, armed with golf clubs, ladders and bare hands, decided to rally up to check the rooftops. They went from one end of the unit of another neighbour’s to check the kitchen ceiling. Upon inspecting, we discovered that the rooftops are connected, only partitioned by bricks which have been cemented but able to be removed with those familiar in the construction industry.

Another partition in the ceiling which is able to open up is at the top of each floor. When the incident occurred, coincidentally all ceiling partitions in Block D were opened up. If you walk up to the highest floor, you will notice this partition on top in front of the door. Upon inspecting the partition, we noticed that it is separated as well by the brick wall.

We then went back to “Z’s” unit, and inspected his kitchen ceiling. We noticed there is a small section which might be connected to the adjoining unit – there seemed to be pieces of bricks which appeared to have been broken by force, however we dare not enter the small section for fear of our safety in case the thieves are still there. We also noticed there were finger prints on the toilet walls. According to residents, the master bedroom’s toilet ceiling can be opened and has a water tank, and it is connected to the other unit.

Apparently the unit next to them has been unoccupied for sometime, however, strangely enough, one of the windows facing the field, is opened. We suspect the thieves might have climbed their way up using the air-cond units (located at the same side as the balcony) as leverage. That is the most logical explanation. Currently urging all SS19 Keranji Apartment Residents to lodge a police report so that the PDRM will do a thorough check. Our safety is as stake!

Thanx & good day.

Allan Phang
SS19 Keranji Apartment Resident

13-03-2007, 01:26 AM
why not ask the management to do something about the "unsafe" brickwall partitions ?

14-03-2007, 02:19 AM
This is really scared me of.. I'm staying in one of the block..
I desperately would like to know what have the policemen did on that day or after that, Allan..

14-03-2007, 08:52 AM
This is really scared me of.. I'm staying in one of the block..
I desperately would like to know what have the policemen did on that day or after that, Allan..
don't live in fear. TALK to the management. post this forum in your condo's advertisement board