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25-01-2007, 10:38 AM
Anyone know how to choose a good sunglasses? To be sure of what they said they can do (like blocking all UV-A, UV-B, UV-C??....), should I go for branded one? Any recommendation? RM400 is my budget. Any reliable shop (no hanky-panky or marked-up prices)? Are those England Optic, Metro Optical, etc trustworthy in prices? or should I walk into a less well-known shop? And lastly, what is their normal marked up margin?? I once heard from a friend, he bought a sunglasses for RM120 that was listed for RM350. Wow, if this is true, how should I bargain? I am afraid I am not a good talker when come to price bargaining. Please help in advice. :)

25-01-2007, 11:12 AM
A friend of mine bought an Emperio Armani sunglasses from a "classy" optical shop in 1 Utama new wing. The price was RM800, after some intense bargaining, she managed to buy the sunglasses at RM380. You do the math. :)

25-01-2007, 11:29 AM
what's the use of the sunglasses?
if its just to provide protection from the sun, any brand of sunglasses will do.
if its for sports, get those polycarbonate lenses, which is hard to break.
for driving/watersports, get polycarbonate with polarised lense to reduce reflections.
get the tint you feel is most comfortable for you under the sun...

I'd personal recommend Bolle, Rayban, Killer Loop, Rudy project (some models does fit within your budget of RM400)... but take note these are price controlled items, and you'll not be able do to those RM800 price tag but bought at RM360 cash thingy...

those discounts are only applicable to designer eyewear brands such as Gucci, Emporio Armani, Versace, etc... I'd personally go for a brand that is reputable for eyewear, and not clothing brands, as their protection for the eyes are not "tested"

Flow of choosing a good pair of sunglasses would be
1. Identify its purpose
2. Get a suitable tint
3. Choose a design that fits you.
4. Bargain for price. Might have to be firm and requires good bargaining skills.
5. Pay for it and bring it home.

I've had 4 Raybans, 3 Oakleys, 1 Serenghetti, 1 Adidas, and still thinking to get a new pair.. so go figure.. :D

Ullas Sahadevan
25-01-2007, 11:31 AM
Hey Atom, for RM 400 I'm sure you can get a decent pair of sun glasses. If you are someone who likes changing your sunglasses often then no point going in for costly brand names. If it's going to be a one time buy, go for a good brand like RayBan, Oakleys, D&G etc. I personally have a RayBan Polarized, so you might want to take a look at that :cool:

If you go for a one time buy, make sure you choose a more traditional design, so when the fashion trends change you can still wear it with pride :) If you goto a authorised seller of these sunglasses, you can be asssured you will get what the glasses claim they will do. No need to worry about the UV-A, UV-B, UV-C and authenticity of the item. If you are in no real hurry keep a watch for discount periods. I got mine for RM475, about 40% off the original price from Midvalley(if my memory serves me right) :rolleyes:. Can PM you the details of the store if you desire.