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10-01-2007, 11:50 AM
Hi All,

I have a question to ask on Home Alarm System for my new home.

Which of the following brands are good and reliable:
1) SUPA8, SUPA10
4) BluGuard
5) Atlantis

I'm planning to go with SUPA, the salesman says it is an Australian product, but some say it is a local product.

Any thoughts and recommendations are highly appreciated.


10-01-2007, 12:37 PM
Hi All,

I have a question to ask on Home Alarm System for my new home.

Which of the following brands are good and reliable:
1) SUPA8, SUPA10
4) BluGuard
5) Atlantis

I'm planning to go with SUPA, the salesman says it is an Australian product, but some say it is a local product.

Any thoughts and recommendations are highly appreciated.


Go for CHUBB . most of the banks are using CHUBB.
I have been using CHUBB for the last 28 years without any major problems, although it is slightly expensive but on the long run it saves you a lot of time and trouble with false alarm and faulty alarm.

They have link up services to send security personnel to your house when your alarm trigger within 10 mins for a small yearly fees.

thanks and good luck

10-01-2007, 03:58 PM
I think most of the brands you highlighted are reliable brands, so should be okay. Apart from brand, there are other factors that you should consider:

1. Functions - some models/brands have more functions than others. Decide which functions you need and don't need. No need to spend a lot of money on features you won't use.

2. User friendly / ease of use - some model, like the Satel, has a wealth of features and control, but it is also one of the most difficult to use because of the number of button presses that you do to use certain features. If possible, test the alarm system first and see if you are comfortable with the user interface. If you take the model that calls your handphone everytime your alarm triggers, ask the installer how do you control your alarm from your handphone. Some alarm codes that you need to press is very very long, so might be difficult to remember.

3. Installer - choose the installer that you know personally or those recommended by friends. Some installer (especially those from fliers) just take your money, install and don't want to see you again. Alarm sometimes need maintenance or tweaking of sensitivity, especially if you take one of those infra-red detectors.

Good luck.

08-02-2007, 11:09 PM
I am also in the midst of looking a good home security alarm......Chubb is similar to ADT service right??? But right now there are alot DIY wireless home alarm system....cost at RM399 but i doubt of their worthiness....a good one can come up to 2-3k.....ehm....sigh

28-02-2007, 11:53 AM
I have Supa8 since 3 years ago and it is very reliable. Cost include concealed wiring was RM2k then - double storey link house. It contains 8 zones alarm but for double storey link would be sufficient with just 4 zones. Why the need for zoning , so that when trigerred one can see where the point of trigger is ie back/front of house , upstairs/down stairs and take preventive action. What is essential is also 2 control panels, one at entry and another in master bedroom. Imagine if in dead of night alarm goes off and one have to take great risk to come out of bedroom if only one control panel at point of entry. It has dial up feature when triggered and all basic function can be controlled remotely from handphone. One feature that I would like to be improved is the handphone trigger alarm. Over the phone one will hear beeps - number of beeps corresponding to the zone triggered. However, it beeps too fast and one could not be sure. Voice warning will be better. Another good feature is 2 alarm mode available and be fully customised for individual need. Eg in my case, I set one to full protection and another to bypass certain zones and this is to be used when we are at home - as it may be inconvenient to switch the alarm on and off each time we go out ot retrieve mail or throw rubbish. My philosophy of a home alarm - its more important to protect the occupant of the house from burglars/intruders rather than thieves.
As far as false triggers are concerned, so far 99% of the false triggers are caused by ourselves when for eg slamming the gate or unknowingly opening armed entries. The other 1% was caused by neighbour children banging on the back door. No break ins so far (touch wood) or maybe the very sight of an alarm siren at the front is the prevention?!

02-03-2007, 03:50 PM
I have supa 10, just install it end of last year. For the time being, its quite reliable. The feature that i most appreciated is the voice module. The system will call my handphone n inform me in plain english voice when the alarm is triggered. I also can call in to carry out various alarm function such as review status, disarm, arm and control my home automation (my installer have yet to teach me how 2 use the automation, they are in d midst of learning) by using the mobile phone keypad n it's free. The system cost me around RM2K with concealed wiring, 2 keypad, 1 external siren, 1 internal siren, 3 infra red censor n a remote control (special price because i m a purchasing officer for a developer).

10-03-2007, 07:49 PM

Which one did you buy in the end?

18-04-2007, 01:14 PM
hey ! guys out there

i've previously using satel but later on i changed to use the Bluguard alarm system.........and to my suprise i found out it's quite user friendly and convenience.. they have an expansion to connect to GSM later on.. you can use it for SMS reporting.. occasionally i will received my SMS when my son or daughter just arrive home from school and disarm the system.. .. if i forgot to arm my system.. i can just call them to system and arm it using mobiles..
it's so convenience and stable

18-04-2007, 01:40 PM
Hi !!

Just a few advise for those who wanna to install alarm system.

1. The key question is always to select a stable system to minimize the faulth alarm. The system got to be user friendly and easy to manipulate.. based on the fact that some of our ageing parent and children might have to use it in future.

2. always go for the installer that you familiar or trust... then you will know that they will give you a good support through out the years or in the event of system break down.... the alarm got to be fix it asap..we can't wait for tommorow.

3. always make sure that all the doors, windows, roof, etc are fully covered by sensors... never try to save cost by skipping some of the point..that's when it will caused a big problems later on....some of china products offers quite compettive price.. but i tell you what.. those system only give you a few points..... can you imagine you only cover the windows and doors but not on the roof.

4. Try to choose a system that you can upgrades later on in future.. for example.. home automation, GSM Module to act as backup line in the event of telephony is being cut.... no point you select a cheep system ..but you can't upgrade in future...

5. Do yearly maintenance.. the installer only give 1 year waranty .. always make sure that you performed atleast once a year...

so far i'm quite satisfied with my system. Namely Bluguard L900V... 9 zone
it has a option between mandarin language or english language.. i took mandarin voice chip .. because my mum can understand if the sytem call out ...

20-04-2007, 11:03 AM
.........i've previously using....Blugard.....

..........Just a few advise for those who wanna to install alarm system.....Blugard....

No offense but when two Kawan Baru surfaced within 1 hour of each other and posting from the same IP address and both, with their sleuth advertising, claiming a particular brand of alarm system was the best thing since sliced bread was invented, I will take their recommendation with a double pinch of salt.

24-04-2007, 01:04 PM
Dear all,

i gues the purpose of this forum is to share the informations and
to create the awareness of the premise's security.

Bro Sunway kid, i guess you're at wrong forum..

24-04-2007, 02:56 PM
No problem fren, sharing information. In fact, some of your advice are reasonable. But when one create multiple nicks to mislead forumers to believe that a particular brand is good, that is called advertising, not sharing. And the rules will tell you that you are in the wrong forum to do that! :)

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28-04-2007, 12:15 AM
My husband bought the Amway brand one, cost about 2.8k. It is all wireless. He likes it because no need to get strangers to home to install, he want to do it himself :rolleyes: . It comes with 3 magnetic contact and 6 vibration sensor for doors and windows, then can top-up seperately... I like it because no need to drill holes and pull cable everywhere in the house (no cleaning :D) , and can bring the whole system along when we move house.

I find the remote control quite good, no need to count down and faster run out of the house (like my anuty's one :eek: ). But if the infrared detector (it senses body heat movement) put at the living room... I think it suits better for those working family with no pet or kids running around during day time. When comes to big family with someone at home, it will only be useful at night (unless install in bedroom? :p ).

28-04-2007, 12:56 AM
sunwaykid, next time send me a PM to report such unethical acts.
Both of them are hereby banned.
Obviously, people reading this forum will know the unscrupulous acts of the salemen of that particular brand - shot themselves in the foot. :D

20-05-2007, 02:23 AM

I am planning to fix an alarm..so far, i met the blueguard alarm systems salesman.he explained to me the functions and all..i am quite interested about it..but,i am scared of this product as if it will cause me problems in the future..the price is rm3.2k.can i have some suggestions..your cooperation are highly appreciated.thanks

02-06-2007, 01:00 AM
wah!!! 3.2k.....bery expensive wui.....sigh......how la...mine also need to install...sigh

11-08-2007, 02:07 PM
personally i am using a wireless home alarm that can cal out without paying CMS monthly. It is wireless so can install and un-install easily. Am moving house that come with another set of alarm. Want to sell off this set. call me on 0123885530. Can pay via credit card also if need be. thanks

Hi All,

I have a question to ask on Home Alarm System for my new home.

Which of the following brands are good and reliable:
1) SUPA8, SUPA10
4) BluGuard
5) Atlantis

I'm planning to go with SUPA, the salesman says it is an Australian product, but some say it is a local product.

Any thoughts and recommendations are highly appreciated.


21-09-2007, 06:07 PM
You're home cost your from an average of RM180K-RM Millions. Why not spend more on Good alarms that you can be rest assured that you're protected beyond expectations even while you're away from home.

If you're intending to get one, spend on a system that is worth spending and a system that is reliable and great. Don't get those which tells you everything you wanna hear and get nothing from it when it should do what it says.

these days with all the break ins, alarm systems tend to be of no use as robbers know how to cut the wiring and safety switches that cause the alarm to sound from sounding thus alowing them to break in silently!

my uncle got this alarm system which is break-in proof that cost him around 20K. Its so good that not even a leaf can get through its defense. With its 360 degrees Laser Defense for the whole house (can't be seen by the naked eye, unless during heavy fog and rain). Which at first I thought its nuts to even consider spending that much, however seeing today's burglars .. I think its worth spending it to protect your every property inside your house including your precious vehicles.

I know what I said is pretty crap and no one actually spends that much ..
But the general idea is get a good system and make sure that what you spend for it wat you get and nothing less.

12-11-2007, 12:00 AM
Hi, I was searching the web for info on Digi8 home alarm system and found the link to Supa8 and that led me to this USJ website!!
I read the emails on this thread, but found nothing on Digi8.
Am looking to install home alarm system for at least 3 houses (2 of my brother in-laws and mine). Unfortunately, one of my brother in-laws house was broken into just last week and that prompted the 3 of us to protect our houses from any future break-in's.
I read the ADT website and PNI Global (which somehow keeps popping up under Home Alarm Systems Malaysia search) product and services material and was even more confused by the various combi-packages and services offered. Not to mention the Value-Added-Services offered as options to the basic package. And than there's the option for Biometric Access systems as add-on's. :confused:
Would appreciate inputs from anyone who recently installed a Digi8 Home Alarm System for modest double storey links and your experience with this system. Alternatively, if you have compared this system and found a better option, would appreciate your input also, preferably with contact numbers for reputed installers or just point me to one.
Budget not exceeding RM2K.
I know someone mentioned wireless is better than wired, but is there a downside (battery life, etc)
In any event, I don't intend to move house, so is it costlier to have concealed wiring? By concealed, I'm not talking about inside PVC casing, but hacked into the walls?
Someone also mentioned false alarms are usually self triggered, I was under the impression it was faulty systems or lightning triggered. (if self triggered, the owners would have switched off the system before it became a nuisance to the neighbours) More often than not, the alarm just goes blaring away because the owner is not home or is unaware the home alarm is triggered.
So be it as it may, appreciate inputs. I may be talking crap, I never had a system installed before.
Thx much. :)

15-11-2007, 03:23 PM
Re: Alarm Systems

For most homes, a standard alarm system with 8 or 10 zones should work. There's quite a few types though:

1. Basic - will sound siren if there's a break-in. Usually now comes with ability to call u up using your house phone line if there's a break-in. Most basic units now have the ability to report to a CMS (Central Monitoring System) services. See more on CMS below.
2. More advanced - Usually 10 zones minimum. Has all the basic features, in addition to home automation (lights control, etc), remote control through phone with voice alerts/menus.

All other systems are add-ons to the basic systems to include things like a GSM (SIM card) backup line, and a bunch of high tech detectors.

Detector types:
1. Contact - usually used for doors.
2. Vibration - attached to grilles, etc.
3. Motion - variety of these detects motion using Infrared and or sonic.
4. Photo-eye -triggers when something comes between the two sensors. Includes curtain-type sensors.

A typical 8 zone system with say about 25 contact & vibration sensors usually cost less than RM2k installed. Motion detectors typically add about RM150 per piece. How good the alarm is, depends on how well thought out it is, and how it is installed. If you fully understand how the detectors work, you can usually come up with better ways to protect your house, than what the installers will recommend (as they will do it the easiest possible way). Hacking to conceal the wires doesn't usually cost more, but can be a pain if your unit is not currently under renovation.

CMS Systems & their promotions
- CMS activated alarm systems will call up the CMS station and notify them that there is a break-in, you have armed/disarmed the system, etc. If there is a break-in, the CMS will call u or anyone else on your list until they get someone who picks up the phone. Some CMS services also provide guards, who go to your location when the alarm goes off to check if everything is ok. But mostly, they just notify u.

They will offer u a free alarm system for signing say a 3 yr contract with them. The catch is the system is very basic, with 2 or 3 sensors. You have to pay the installer extra for installing additional sensors, external alarm, etc, which will usually bring the total cost to more than RM1k, in addition to your monthly CMS subscription charges.

15-11-2007, 05:02 PM
Adopt a dog from PAWS.... best alarm

15-11-2007, 10:43 PM
Hi Avus,
Thank you for a very informative feedback.
I was wondering if signing up with a CMS was preferred to installing a system. Based on your input, I decided against it.
Unfortunately, my procrastination caused my in-law to go on his own. He decided to go for an Aust. system costing RM1600.
I shared your input with him and hopefully he is more the wiser for it.
I'll see how it goes with his system (guinea pig) and maybe I'll follow suit if it works out alright.


Franky, thx for your suggestion, unfortunately my wife cannot stand pets, dogs or otherwise. Good alternative suggestion though. Cheaper too.


01-04-2008, 02:05 AM
Franky, thx for your suggestion, unfortunately my wife cannot stand pets, dogs or otherwise. Good alternative suggestion though. Cheaper too.


:p Leave the wife @ PAWS and bring the dog home... :D problem solved !! house is now safe... and quieter too... :D

04-04-2008, 12:27 AM
currently using Satel and the system gives me HELL! not user friendly at all for CA-6.

I intent to change to more reputable co like ADT . what do u guys think of better user friendly interface on Keypad and h/p control.

04-12-2008, 11:32 AM
any1 using avantis or bluguard system?
need some input on these 2 products.

CS Chua
04-01-2009, 02:35 PM
:p Leave the wife @ PAWS and bring the dog home... :D problem solved !! house is now safe... and quieter too... :D
And smelly too when you lose your cleaner and chee fun pho. :D

Some told me to get a goose as they are good guard ducks and if they do not perform, they are up for Thanksgiving dinner. :p

10-02-2009, 11:03 PM
I think all the alarm system is about the same. The most important thing is choose the right supplier or intaller. We should purchase from proper company. Personally I will prefer the company located at USJ/Subang Jaya.
Anybody have ideal about Alarm company in our area?

25-07-2011, 03:42 PM
This might be late to reply you but hopefully can help someone looking for the same things in the future.

Yes, I agree with tcheong. I usually check out the following link to get the list of companies to compare before I purchase.


Hopefully can help.