View Full Version : Need Advise on Making Complains

20-11-2006, 11:48 AM
Hi.. does anyone has any idea if those contractors engaged in repairing houses has any licenses? Do they actually need to register with bodies like CIDB, etc in order to run this kind of business?

I am very angry with this contractor who fails to complete the renovation of my house, leaving behind all the touch up works undone. As a result, I withheld the balance of the payment for the non-completion... but the problem is recently the plaster ceiling he renovated at my car porch collapsed a piece and asking him to come and repair.. he said that he will not come because I have withheld his balance payment?

I wanted to make a complain to relevant bodies on this matter.. anyone has any advise how should I approach this issue?

20-11-2006, 11:58 AM
Err buddy...on a lighter note...you ought to be proud that you managed to get that contractor to do the job for you at the North Pole...

But seriously speaking...there ain't much you can do to lodge this sorta complaint...

Thousands n thousands of house buyers are in dilemma n suffering...with incomplete or inferior built houses that they have purchased...from irresponsible developers...

There is NO BETTER solution in sight...from any relevant authorities of this country...

BEST is for you to offer your existing renovation contractor which you got at the North Pole...to share a peace pipe...with you.