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Joyce Verghese
27-10-2006, 10:33 AM
Does anyone know of doctors who practice chelation therapy and ozone therapy? Can you email me their contact details?

27-10-2006, 02:01 PM
We have discussed this sometime ago and I remember that our good doctor forum-member said that the chelation, at least, is not medically proven. I have also a friend who put his dying wife under ozone treatment and there was no miracle to be seen.

Hence be careful.

Dr Zue
23-11-2006, 01:29 AM
Ozone has been found to be an extremely safe medical therapy, free from side effects. In 1980 study done by the GERMAN MEDICAL SOCIETY for OZONE THERAPY, 644 therapists were polled regarding their 384,775 patients, comprising a total of 5,579,238 ozone treatments administered. There were only 40 cases of side effects noted out of this number which represents the incredibly low rate of 0.00007%. ozone has proven to be the safest medical therapy ever devised. (ADAPTED from THE STORY OF OZONE)..
so i think is stupid for someone educated can said that OZONE is not good to heal one's. Honestly, is just not making sense. Just use our science knowledge god made this world with an OZONE LAYER. OZONE LAYER is made by god to protect humankind not to kill them. OZONE IS O3, is an oxygen atom. IF oxygen can hurts us, then what the hell is air? Think back again. :mad:

23-11-2006, 10:29 PM
Dr. Zue - please provide peer reviewed medical reports and scientific papers published in peer-reviewed journals and we shall read the findings. It is not right to proclaim the effectiveness of any process without a well planned evaluation carried out under strict protocols. Thank you for your contributions. By the way, hyperlinks to such publications would be sufficient as we have to respect the copyrights of the authors as well.

26-11-2006, 09:49 AM
Links from Quackwatch
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Links from the MMR:
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