View Full Version : USJ3 Junction Traffic Woes

08-09-2006, 10:04 AM
I am not sure if posting here would help as this is my very first posting.

I am new resident to USJ3. I find that every weekday morning (btw 8am to 9am), the juction at USJ3 and Persiaran Tujuan is quite congested, the cars are jumping queue taking over the incoming lane. I am sure USJ3 resident would be able to verify this one.

I am thinking it would be nice if MPSJ or any authority can divert the traffic flow there by considering open up another exit at USJ3 (nearer to Kesas Highway).

Alternatively, the authority may consider diverting the flow of traffic, using one as exit whilst the other to enter.

Any other members who has better opinion, please feel free to contribute.

09-09-2006, 10:47 AM
It is the manner and the attitude of road users that screwed up how best the road system in SJ/USJ. The junction there has no problem throughout the day except during peak hours in the morning as impatient road users jumped queue. It is so unfair for motorists to be kept waiting when they have every right to turn into this road from Jalan Tujuan but are stopped from the 4 lanes of cars coming out. I pass by this junction every morning. So far nobody has a solution to ease this junction as irresponsible road users who are self centred bothered to respect the rights of other road users. There are some motorists when they see that there is a long queue at the traffic light will turn into the parallel road at Shell just to jump queue out the the junction you are talking about. These are the worst of the lot as at the exit, they block all incoming traffic. Even the previous road nearer to the KESAS flyover (as you have suggested) which was meant for ingoing traffic have out going traffic all lining up to exit until MPSJ had to seal it off to everybody. Honestly, there is no solution to this problem. It only happens in the morning.

13-09-2006, 09:29 AM
You are absolute right... I think the only solution to this is to divert the traffic to one in and the other out. Alternatively, the police can on duty there... then those inconsiderate driver will be more obedient.