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03-09-2006, 10:37 PM
I participated in the INTI iChanllenge and I have receive two cash vouchers for INTI Malaysia and PJCAD. I don't plan on going to PJCAD or INTI. Since the vouchers can be used by anyone, so I might as well sell it off.

I have
1x PJCAD cash voucher worth RM1000
1x INTI Malaysia cash voucher worth RM500

I am selling both at 75% of it's value. That means the PJCAD voucher sells for RM750 and the INTI voucher at RM375.

Important facts, terms and conditions related to the vouchers
A. INTI College Subang Jaya Voucher
1. The value of this voucher can only be used to pay for tuition fees at INTI COLLEGE SUBANG JAYA (ICSJ).
2. This voucher shall not be valid for enrolment after 15th January 2008 and cannot be exchanged for cash.
3. This voucher can only be used once and must be submitted at time of enrolment together with enrolment form at the Finance Office at ICSJ.
4. This voucher is transferable to any person wishing to enrol at ICSJ on or before 15th January 2008.

1. The holder of this voucher is entitled to a RM1000 tuition fee waiver for any Diploma Course offered at PJCAD.
2. This voucher cannot be exchanged or redeemed for cash or other services/products at PJCAD
3. One voucher per holder

If you are interested in the vouchers, please PM me.

I know people are generally very cautious and sceptical when buying vouchers, so I am willing to follow you to the respective college to verify that the voucher is authentic and valid. If your registration date happens to fall on a day that I am free, I can follow you to the college to use the voucher. This is best to avoid any problems and misunderstanding as you'll pay me only after you've confirmed the voucher can be used by you.

I may not be online for a while as I will be doing my SPM trials soon. If you need to contact me, fell free to call me at 068500588 or 0126588148.

I understand that I am a new member here and I will likely not be active in this forum as I am active in lowyat.net. Check out my original thread
here (http://forum.lowyat.net/index.php?showtopic=314303)