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03-08-2006, 01:33 PM

Cameron cabbage (donít use Taiwan cabbage as the leaf are harder to wrap)
Minced Pork - season it with soy sauce, pepper and tapioca flour (you may substitute pork with chicken or beef)
Carrot - diced finely
Luncheon meat (you may substitute it with corned beef) -
Tapioca flour
3 cloves of garlic

Step by step:


Seasoned the pork with soy sauce + pepper + tapicoa flour and finely chopped carrot. Lay out the cabbage on a top and place a spoonful (quantity varied from individual) of seasoned pork on the cabbage with the luncheon meat on it. Wrapped them the bolster springroll way.

Amount of pork and cabbage is varied from individual. You might want to try out a few times to get the correct amount of pork. For me, a big bowl of pork can make about 8 pieces of package.


Arrange them in a tray and steam for 15minutes. Make sure the water are boiling hot before putting in your dishes. We believe food will turn out more delicious this way.

Remove package and transfer them into a serving plate. Reserve the liquid for gravy. Saute shallot in a wok. Pour the gravy in them. You may add more water or seasoning. It all depends on individual liking. Lastly mixed in the tapioca flour. Mix well and pour in the package.


Best served hot with rice! You may also get other recipes here (http://www.jessieling.com) occasionally.