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22-07-2006, 09:24 AM
From http://www.thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2006/7/22/nation/14914916&sec=nation

WIVES are deemed to be unjust and abusive if they cannot satisfy their husbands' sexual needs, Kelantan deputy mufti Datuk Mohamad Shukri Mohamad told Berita Harian
This is not really fair, in my opinion. If you don't know how to clean a toilet, and not taught how to do so, how can you be scolded by your parents if you did not clean it properly? :rolleyes:

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27-07-2006, 05:15 PM
What kind of a sexist remark is Kelantan deputy mufti Datuk Mohamad Shukri Mohamad trying to prove by saying this? :mad:

“However, to date, no husband has ever complained that his wife has failed to sexually satisfy him, although he has the right to do so.”

Is it a "duty" for women to sexually please their husbands? If not, then it gives the right to the man to take up to four wives or mistresses, is that what he is trying to say here? Where is it stated that a wife has to sexually please her husband?
It takes two hands to clap and if the husband does not please the wife what makes the husband think that the wife will succumb to the so-called "unwritten" rule of pleasing her husband?

Is it not good enough that the wife is a homemaker bringing up THEIR kids at home? Men think about supporting women? Think again. Men grumble about having to work until they obtain all sorts of ache. To all the men out there, try looking after your offspring for just 1 day, see which one is more torturous. Some women in turn, work for the same hours as men and come home, only to work again (with their kids,cook etc)

To those MCP out there who supports what this @$$hole said about wifes NEEDING to please their husbands, you're just pathetic and biologically redundant.

There's much more to a woman than just that.

Oh ya, he also said that

“Islamic laws does not only protect the women but also the men,”

really now? Show ME!

by implementing rules such as this?

“Thus wives who do not provide proper care for their husbands, including not fulfilling their sexual needs, can be considered as being unjust and abusive towards their husbands.

“These women can be charged under Section 128 (1) of the Kelantan Islamic Law Enactment 2002, which provides for a fine of RM1,000 or jail of up to six months or both upon conviction.

U tell me now, shukri

I'm not some feminist or whatchamacallit but i'm a woman. And I'm not gonna sit and watch my gender being labelled as a sex object.

28-07-2006, 11:54 PM
This is crazy. It is not the religion but the people who professes it wrongly. I must say that I'm glad not to be a malay in Malaysia. Nothing to do with the religion itself, just the country's view of how islam should be interpretted. Oh gosh...

18-08-2006, 11:04 PM
K, am a gal, so gotta stand up to our female rights.

Honestly, I am tired of all our insensitive (oh yea.. make that stupid - there, I am insensitive too) ministers/datuks/leaders statements made in public. I mean, come on! Have some common sense to know what is right and wrong.

First, I heard a remark not that long ago that goes like:

"If you're gonna be raped anyway, why not just sit back and enjoy it?"
WTF????? How would he like it if he gets sodomised? Would he relax, lay back and take it as it is????

"Single men who marries single mothers should be rewarded for taking on the extra burdens"
Hello? No one forced you to marry those mothers?? How about single women get rewarded for marrying single dads too? Doh!

K, now this about wives who don't satisfy their husbands. Geez, can our public leaders wise up pls! Maybe female leaders should say a few 'crude' remarks and see how they react.