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Nichol Chong
05-07-2006, 07:14 PM
Hi, I am a new member and after viewing some of yr old threads like the one posted in May by SS19flyover, I was very disturbed by some of the advises given.
I had i child and had gone to Damansara Fertility Centre for it. I am not ashamed that I had IVF(test-tube babies done there). I was recommended by some friends who were very successful in having their babies there. After much research(talking to some genuine doctors friend that want to help me and surfing their Damansara website, I realise as wht they say in their website under the column "How to choose a Fertility Centre" is the published success rates of having a baby. ie. out of 100 people that goes to the centre, how many come out holding a baby? Most fertility centre will claim to have high success rates but mind you, I found out that Damansara Fertility Centre ( not the one in Damansara Specialist Hospital) is the only centre that published their pregnancy results in the medical journals not only in Malaysia but overseas as well. Costs - if you know economics, success rates divide by cost will actually gives you the real cost ie the higher the success rates the lower the cost.
LPPKN is a govt Centre and if you use yr common sense, most Doctors if they are worth some salt will join the private sector to make more money. Even if you do not want to go to Damansara, pls for God sake dont waste yr money on a govt centre. Damansara might not give you a hundred percent (only God) but if you need to choose a centre choose one that gives you the highest chance that is PUBLISHED pregnancy rates(talk can lie).Becos, to go thru a treatment is a very emonational experience (believe me). you get jabs after jabs every day and after that you hope and hope that you have eggs to give you a chance to even have an embryo to try. The wait after that for the pregnancy results is even worst. I failed once and thank God I had frozen embryos and on my second try, I GOT PREGNANT! As far as I am concern, Damansara brought my hope into reality as they claimed.
Pls refer to their website - www.damansarafertility.com . They give you very good advise and are not biased. Read the part that says "How to choose a fertility Centre" It will help you how to choose one if you do not want to go on the same road as I am.
Best wishes!