View Full Version : Quoting from other sources - copyright issues

17-06-2006, 11:36 AM
We thank members who take the trouble to highlight issues found in the public media like online newspapers. This is especially valuable if issues pertain to the SJ/USJ community.

However ... Please be AWARE of cut-&-paste practices.

Some RULES to follow when quoting ....

Please give the URL (or internet address) of that webpage that you refer to. Whenever you view a webpage, take note that the URL is displayed above the webpage in the long horizontal window where you find the browser's icons - click on that to highlight that address and then copy it. When you post to the forum, use the "insert hyperlink" function - you will find it in the blue icon with 2 chain links.
Do not cut-&-paste that article to the Forum. If you wish to announce the contents of that article, please write in your own words a short summary of the contents. Be aware that by pasting the original contents to our Forum, you will be violating copyrights of the original website. If the administrator finds out about this copying, the administrator will remove the contents posted to protect our Forum.
We advise members that even cutting a paragraph from other sources would violate copyrights of the original owner. Hence do not be lazy - write it in your own words and provide a hyperlink back to the original source so that the members can go there to read it for themselves.