View Full Version : No Wonder Johorean send their children to Singapore for educaton

11-06-2006, 04:41 AM
It has been on my mind for a while why these Malaysians in Johor send their children to school although the fees are skyhigh and their children have to wake up every schooling day at 4am in order to attend the schools across the border. But after reading the article below, even I am thinking of a way to send my children across the border. Of course then, my family will have to move to Singapore to work in that country.

Refer to the website below:

http://www.malaysiakini.com/link/eNoNzFkKgCAQANALpWP7AtFZTG1jSnGMwdvX/+MdKYUJgJml1SfmEB2RNP6GxzEBeqMRbBB1X5UjZXW9jxoKVZS jqrq2kZR8zIvxiPOvNqfT+w+Cb1r3D9d1H/s=

Is it worth it, you ask? Looking at the state of our local education, yes it will be. And furthermore, Singapore is a open country where merits are the main criteria of everything you do, thus creating a competitive environment where the fittest will survive. Unlike here in this country where color of the skin and the technical 'know-who' is the main criteria for everything. It certainly is a unfair environment in this country.

I just hope that our PM will e ableto turn things around before I make any such decision in the coming years.

12-06-2006, 02:58 AM
I guess there is a need to better our education system.
But the 'problem' of the lack of quality (lack of uniformity in the allowance of merit) of the education system can be traced to racial diversity and the so called need to 'help' a certain race which is allegedly lagging.

So the root (or one of the many main problems) which contributes to the lack of 'standardization' or equity can be quite hard to solve.
Lets look at the issue of the one race which seem to lag behind the other as one of the cause of such lack of equity in the education system. We're now looking at benefits given to once race to 'help' them. There have been many arguments on whether such a move would help or make them even less competent.. but the decision of those in power is to 'help' them by giving them certain advantages.

Now.. in my opinion, if there is a general difference in how well people of one race do, compared to people of another race.. the reason for this may NOT just be.. urm.. say.. "that particular more successful race works harder" or.. "historically, they have had the opportunity to gain experience from the work they do”.
If you consider the stuff that differs people of one race from another…
you should realize that there cannot be much differences genetically. So what other differences does one race have compared to the other which give them advantages or disadvantages ?
I think, generally, the ‘stuff’ that differs people of one race from people of another is…
their culture and the ideologies that they hold. And generally, the more restrictive one’s ideology’s nature is, the less creative one can be, and maybe, the less tendency to develop one have.