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18-05-2006, 12:54 AM
Inspirational Posts started by Jose Murinho in Chatterbox was closed on 17May06.

It started off on 16April06 and it carried on well. In the end, it amassed more than 530 posts. Quite impressive for one month's existence. So why did I need to shut it down? I seldom visited this thread because I can't read all the ramblings there.

Somewhere at the end of April, snide remarks (snide = sly, disparaging; disparage = belittle) began to appear in various chatterbox threads. there was a silent fight going on using such veiled remarks. It was mainly between Orchi and Jose. Orchi too went into the Inspirational Posts to post his messages. If an unintiated visitor was to read them, they appeared innocent enough. I had not been reading this thread when this was building up. This was not just Orchi and Jose... a number of members also jumped into the fray. It was obvious that there were 2 camps slogging it out.

At posts #486 and #504, handyman burst in with a load of accusations. He also took the opportunity to slam Winnie with his "thick-skinned woman" posts. With that the thread had to be closed. Handyman had hijacked it and there was enough lava boiling in there to blow up in my face.

Jose then proceeded to start a new thread on "Feel-Good Posts" - apparently to replace the one that was closed. I had to close that one too. No matter what Jose claims, his action to start another "inspirational" thread with a "feel-good" title can be taken as a direct insinuation of events that happened and my handling of the matter.

18-05-2006, 01:08 AM
This is not the first encounter. As most of you know, this had happened in the past. Both Orchi and Jose were banned for 2 days for their bickering. Both parties claimed that the other was posting snide remarks. I do not deny that they were both doing just that. Furthermore, their supporters had built up the fray.

As I had said in another moderation post, there may never be peace between Orchi and Jose. This feud goes back far into the past. I cannot do anything about their personal dislikes. Warmings were given in the last ban that action will be taken if they persist to argue and provoke fights. It has come to a point where one is willing to provoke it to a level where both get kicked out of the Forum.

18-05-2006, 01:29 AM
I will not dwell into the past. Anyone can do their research if they feel so inclined. I have done mine but it is not prudent to exhibit my findings and postulations.

Yes, I have my opinions on why this is happening. However, I try my best not to moderate at the level of pointing fingers. My moderation is simply to bring peace to the Forum so that others can continue to use the Forum in peace. Each of the aggrieved parties will say that I ignored the faults of the other party. As a middle man, I will never be seen to be right as there will be 2 sides to a coin in any arguement.

My decision is to send any FUTURE trouble-maker to the plantation for a period of time. I will not be able to police the posts diligently. So be warned. My actions will be construed to be unfair if I missed one perpetrator's action.

It saddens me if I have to send a friend to the plantation but if the situation arise, I will do it. My decision may not be right and I could send the wrong person ... so ensure that you don't get baited into a fight. Similarly, do not complain if I decide not to be harsh to the other party. I will moderate to the best of my ability but it need not be correct to another point of view.

Be careful with snide remarks ... it can be taken negatively. Hence I will now disallow another 'inspirational post' type of thread. There is already a good one in the Main Forum. If you dislike the other person, just don't read his/her posts ... easiest way to stay out of the plantation.