View Full Version : glass table top

02-05-2006, 02:20 PM
anybody interested or wants a nice dinning transparent glass table top with nice ironmongery slim design patter?

old d-tabel used before in our home table but nvr been using it for a 3 years, because we bought a new table.
(kept in store room. our place in USJ 1)

- for 4 seater table only
- you have to pay transportation. because i can't send. (sorry,i don't a any lorry)

- sellig away for RM 150 or RM 120 (still nego. not includ'g trasportation)

( i will post image on my blog for those interested, but HOW do i post picture here?
why i saw some people can post picture?
Somebody please teach me how to post image file here, please)

Thank you Very Much
have a nice day eveybody