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24-04-2006, 04:14 PM
:mad: I am a PB credit card holder and am very upset that I was asked by PB to pay for a whooping RM13,506-00 being 3 fraudulent purchases not made by me but successfully made by a fraudulent card holder due to PB's negligence for not checking the identity of the card holder at the time when the purchases were made. The incident happened when I had not realised that I had lost my credit card after making a purchase at a shop. My credit card was either not returned by the merchant or I could have dropped it. I only came to realise it when PB called me on my handphone the next day and after the above 3 fraudulent purchases were approved by PB. PB insisted that I should be liable for the total amount for the reason that I did not inform them when I lost my credit card. My contentions were that I did not inform them earlier because I did not realise that I had lost my credit card and PB should not in the first place approved the said purchases without first checking the identity of the person making the purchases or should have double checked with me by easily calling on my handphone to verify first prior to approving such big amounts as any person who was prudent and care enough would have done so. The more reason for PB to be more careful in approving the said purchases was that a single transaction was split into 2 transactions of RM3,499-00 and RM9,992-00 respctively but done simultaneously one after another for the very obvious reason, i.e. to avoid a possible credit limit of each purchase. I have thought that it is safe to use credit cards as I have had other bank requesting to speak to me on the merchants' phone before approving my purchases even below RM1,000-00 but was now shocked and surprised that PB was so careless and indifferent and never even bothered to check on purchases amounting to a huge RM13,506-00. In view of the negligence on the part of PB I think PB as awards winning bank should be responsible enough to absorb the losses on fraudulent purchases and be more careful in approving large purchases as otherwise all their customers will lose confidence in using their credit cards.

My advice to those who have many credit cards and high credit limits is that be very cautious and don't be too happy about it as you may face the same problem as I am now facing i.e. paying for what you did not purchase !

As I am now in a dire straits and could not find the money to pay the Bank, can any lawyer out there advise me as to whether I have a good defence against PB's action to recover the fraudulent transaction sums from me ? Any advice would be appreciated.

Attached is the PB's letter demanding for the payment of fraudulent purchases which show that both transactions were done simultaneously.

24-04-2006, 04:31 PM
why not challenge the bank? Ask them to prove that the signature on the slip is yours. If they cant prove it, ask them to go after the shops. Its the responsibility of the shops to verify the signatures.

24-04-2006, 10:21 PM
why not challenge the bank? Ask them to prove that the signature on the slip is yours. If they cant prove it, ask them to go after the shops. Its the responsibility of the shops to verify the signatures.

True... you have a case... I kena before.... petrol stations all over the northern states... few thousand too... just for petrol, synthetic oil, tyres etc etc...

But since the signature had some variation, the bank (Maybank) had no choice but to go after the petrol stations there... :p :D

Another thing - if you can prove you were elsewhere (alibi?) when the transactions were made... lagi the bank will have no case against you...


25-04-2006, 01:01 AM
after 20+ yrs of using credit card why is it that now i use a simple/basic/classic/poor man card (blue,pink,normal) with credit limit of rm2000 per card? Why? for this simple reason to prevent fraud.

Now if i use cc to purchase more than or close to the credit limit, the bank willcall me not 5 minutes AFTER the swipe...and when i hv verified all the security check, they will approve my purchase...there u go.
4get the gold/platinum card to safe guard yr self.

It had worl well for me..and it can for u.unless u wanna show off to those around u that u hv high networth value.

yang amat broke lato tupai

p/s fight this fraud. Challenge the bank to prove that the signature is yours.

25-04-2006, 01:32 PM
Tupai - for personal use, 2k might be enough, but for work, 15k is sometimes not enough.

Also, this thing about calling you when there is a swipe. It's a software they are using to monitor your swipe patterns.

Like for example if the swipe was made overseas, or its one of the highest swipes in your charging history.
Things like that. I used to get called up by HSBC all the time when I started using heavily. Now... anything below 3k and they dont even call me to say hello anymore...

So this calling of the owner, only goes so far. Thats why fraudsters use small amounts, repeatedly etc etc etc... so that it can slip past the flagging softwares most banks use.

25-04-2006, 02:48 PM
I do not think this is correct. I have another CC from HSBx ... which were there was a fraud charge.

What I think happened was I charge an rm xxx amount to a pub ? The pub charged the second bill to my CC.

But I only signed 1 cc slip which was my correct bill.

When the bill appeared on my statement, I requested for the cc slip and confirmed that the signature is incorrect. The bank waived the charges.

Hmmmm .. I better cancel my PBB card then if this is the case.

Thanks for the heads up