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17-04-2006, 12:39 AM
INTERLUDE : The story of K

K's mother was a beautiful singer at the most popular night club in Johor Bharu.
It was there that she met this tall and handsome siamese man and they fell madly in love.
But soon, he had to leave to attend to his family's business in Pataya.
By then, she was already pregnant with K.
He promised to return in a month's time.
Every evening, she would sit on the swing outside the house and wait for his return.
He never did.

After K was born, she left the baby under the care of her foster mother in Port Dickson.
K's childhood wasn't a very happy one.
She felt unloved and often had to do all the housework.
After she finished Form 2, her "grandma" told her that she had to stop schooling b'cos the other kid needs to go to university, and there is not enough money.

When she was 16 years old, her mother came back for her and took her to JB.
There, she was introduced to a "mummy" and she was asked to work as a GRO.
She refused. She was caned viciously.
Her mother said "What's wrong with you earning some money to repay all that I have given to you!"
That night she ran away and sought shelter at her aunt's house.

17-04-2006, 01:14 AM
After 3 days, her mom found out where she was and came to claim her back.
Only after her aunt threatened to report her to the police, she backed off.

K began working at the Aunt's flower shop in JB.
By then she had grown to be very pretty, thanks to her mom's genes and also her mixed heritage.
Ever so often, a guy would walk in to the flower shop and ask her which flower would a girl would normally like.
She always recommended the Madonna Lilies.
When the bouquet is completed, the guy never fails to present it to her, saying "It's for you". She would pretend to be surprised.
After the guy has left, she would put back the flowers to be sold again to the next guy.

But work at the flower shop was never easy either. Often she had to work overtime with very little pay.
She also had to contend with the aunt's bad temperament.
She vowed to herself to find a rich husband, to never be poor again.

18-04-2006, 05:15 PM
Is there a happy ending to this story?

18-04-2006, 06:11 PM
Is there a happy ending to this story?

Does real life have happy endings?

18-04-2006, 09:03 PM
Does real life have happy endings?


18-04-2006, 09:11 PM
Yes. Life is full of happy endings & miracles. Be Happy :D

18-04-2006, 09:11 PM
most of the time real life doesn't have a happy ending.

it is sad when you love someone but you can't really 'own' the person.

kpc, what happened after that? did K become rich?

19-04-2006, 01:35 AM
True. Many stories do not have happy endings. ;<

But we choose our destiny in life. Either you stick to your rotten state of life or you choose to make the most of your life.

Who says poor people cannot be happy ? Who says the lady selling flowers in the streets are not happy ?

It is already a positive side of the story that this beautiful girl did not choose to be a life long prostitute. How long can one work as a prostitute before there are no more street value ? 20 years or 10 years ?

All of us slog long hours in our office to save money & go for a nice holiday by the beach. But do you know that the village fisherman already have the whole beach & sea to himself, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year ! :D

We must always view the positive side of life. :)

Forumer, you cannot force/own a person unless that person is a pet. :D

19-04-2006, 02:51 AM
GRO is also prostitute meh? :confused:

it's true that we can't really 'own' a person, even a pet also, if your cat wants to run away, you can't really stop it unless you tie it up? ;)

a lot of ppl tend to have the idea that by marrying that person that person is yours, you actually 'own' the person, and you have the right to control that person ....

19-04-2006, 09:29 AM
....She vowed to herself to find a rich husband, to never be poor again.

Many a times, this is the stumbling block. A gal out for this may end up destroying marriages of others. :eek:

20-04-2006, 02:41 PM
Forumer, Tell me, who do you know that is a GRO but yet not link in anyway to immoral activities ? :confused:

All my life, I have neighbours who are GRO and they do not even know who the father of the kids that they give birth to. Some, obviously you can see kids with different colour :D

Sadly, many young girls sets their ultimate goal in life - Get a Rich Husband ! :eek:

These girls will be deeply disappointed and disillusioned. Money do not buy happiness. It can only provide nice clothes to wear & nice houses to stay. The rest are just empty hollow.

But on the other hand, if both the girl/guy marry for true love, the marriage will last thru good times & bad times. Through arguments and misunderstandings.

I am a single parent child. Raised by my grandparents who are very strict, stingy and never show any love/ emotions. Luckily, all of us turn out fine.

If K is a real story, I can only pray that the Lord guide her throughout these difficult years. May she be strong to avoid any evil temptations. May she be blessed with good life later on. May she find someone who loves her for all the good values she has and she will live happily ever after. AMEN.

04-05-2006, 08:55 AM
But on the other hand, if both the girl/guy marry for true love, the marriage will last thru good times & bad times. Through arguments and misunderstandings.

;) It would be a BLESSING to find such partner/marriage...
that will last through arguments and misunderstandings...

because these two things (arguments and misunderstandings) can easily destroy a relationship.....

Some couples do not bother to resolve the misunderstanding.. or rather they ignore them thinking it will go away but it is still there.....

or one of the couple tries to resolve it but the other just would not listen...

So, it is quite a blessing if you have a very strong marriage :cool:

04-05-2006, 09:47 AM

Partner / Couples,

What is important is - Let them take control of their life. :)

While quarrles, arguments , misunderstandings arise, sometimes is almost impossible to not to go beyond the topic other than digging each party "sensitive issue" for letting the other party get more mad. :(

Remember all lady / woman / man / men, when it's time to stop talking, close your mouth, zipped n sealed. Otherwise I can't guarantee you won't get punch,smack n etc . :(

Sometimes, during quarrels,arguments,misunderstanding, the way to get everything back in track faster...... give a big hug to your partner, even if she rejected. Later find time to talk things out (when everything cool down). But gentleman - sometimes your partner only need a bit of encouragement and attention from you to show you still love her.(i know asian never practice this, but is good to try) :rolleyes:

She /He could even call and ask the same question again and again "Did you love me ?" - Don't think, answer her / him as she need your courage when she is in doubt. A words "I Love You" could mean a lot but nobody would say it out but write it out (this is what happen to mostly Asian ppl). ;)

It doesn't take a second , a day to win your partner's heart..... you try it many times..... don't you ??? :)

Even if trying many times to win a person heart seem ridiculous, but sometimes these issue need more times to readjust them back unless the other party are optimistic. :)

In your career, you try many attempts to get it a success today - don't you feel you are great, the best of all, and winning a clause "Distinction in Human Communication" is just another subject in our life for success career today. :)

04-05-2006, 06:38 PM
kpc, what happened after that? did K become rich?

She began to frequent pubs and discotheques every night.
A lot of guys were attracted to her cute looks, but somehow she was not attracted to them. They all seemed so childish....

She then noticed that the AngMohs have the most cash to spend around.
One particular angmoh, was attracted to her gay and playful style.
So they started dating.
It was a status symbol to have an angmoh boyfriend at that time.

He bought her clothes, handbags and took her to movies and exotic restaurants.
But despite dropping many hints, he never gave her any money.

"Why AngMoh so stupid...", she asks herself.