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14-04-2006, 01:23 PM
Dear all,
Have you ever got chance to meet with PLWHA (People Living With HIV+ and AIDS )?Have you ever got chance to talk with them or make friends with them?Do you know that they don't need our sympathy but they just want us to treat them as normal people?Will you discriminte PLWHA?Do you have enough knowledge about AIDS?Do you know the three ways transmittion of AIDS?

Now u have the chance to find out all the answer by yourself in the AIDS conference that will be held at 7th college,University of Malaya.It is an annual project organised by IVAC (Inter Varsity AIDS Conference).Its objective are to raise awareness among public especially University and college students about AIDS issues and to eliminate stigma and discrimination towards PLWHA.

During the conference,you can learn basic knowledges about AIDS.There are workshop,talks,games and outing during the conference.You also got chance to meet PLWHA during the conference.There is a sharing session where they will share their experiences and feeling with you.

This is a great oppurtunity that you shouldn't miss it.If interested,you can kindly contact me or send e-mail to us --------- Ivac_7rc@yahoo.com The registration form can be downloaded at our webside--------- http://ivac.bravehost.com or from the attachments below.The deadline will be at 29 April 2006.

I hearby the informations:
Venue: 7th residential college,University of Malaya
Date: 8-11 May 2006
Time: 10 am
Fees: RM 30 per person (include 4 days 3 nights accomodation,food,T-shirt,stationary,certificate and etc)

Hope to hear from you all.Let us show our care and concern toward AIDS issues.Hand in hand we eliminate stigma and discrimination toward PLWHA.And most important must support me la!Please help me to forward this mail to your friends.Please help me to spread this news and ask more friends to join.Thanks!