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13-04-2006, 11:28 AM
Ahem...hence Orchi has every right to demand of the forumer JohnMichael n LengHo...to tender their formal apology to Orchi...publicly...in this world renown webforum...

n further to which...Orchi is seeking a compensation of RM10,000 from JohnMichael n LengHo...in a form of donation in kind to a charitable cause...favoured by the Administrator n Owner...n in the name of this website...www.usj.com.my.


JohnMicheal has enlightened us that Orchi's nick actually has a perverted meaning, and he is factually correct.

Now it is up to Orchi to publicly state that either

1. He truly did not know of the said meanings
2. He knew about the true meanings of that nick

If he says #1, then all will be forgiven and I will ask John to apologize to Orchi.
If he says #2, he should be banned immediately for betraying our trust and corrupting the innocence of our young forumers.
In John's own words, a traitor is the best description.

It is not enough that he asks you to help him say that :-

He does not think it is anyone's business for him to elaborate further.

It is everybody's business to know whether the forum has been knowingly perverted or not, for the sake of our children.

I advise that you ask him to publicly state his stand within 10 days or it would be deemed that it was #2.

13-04-2006, 11:33 AM
There should not be any more discussion on this.
The reasons were already explained in another thread before
Please look for the explanation in the forum
No I will not dig it up for you since you like digging so much

I suggest no one entertain this suggestion, hence i am closing this thread