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29-03-2006, 01:35 AM
V for vendetta........hmmm..arhh..hmmm....C-/C
Near future...Drama?..Action ?...By the WaChoski brothers(matrix etc)

Read from some bloggers( 1 or 2 only..haha) which said they like V vendetta because it almost mimic what can happen in the near future..But for me , i went to see just because of Princess Amitaba getting bald haha...The Vendetta superhero? here is played by huGoWeaving aka Agent Smith in the matrix series...haha..
But u won't see his face..he is behind the mask..! always ever smiling mask..haha..And constantly babbling some ultra falsafah freedom termed concotation etc ... Just like him in matrix..Babbling before figting kenu revess.

I thought he(hugoweaving) was taller in Vendatta?..then i realize "Oh..he taller because standing beside prince amitaba(natalie portman) who is shorter! haha "..Cute short girl nevertheless..

Story development little slow for me..dialoque is oklah.. bla bla freedom democratic vs "hitler's government style" which tend to be boring in the middle.... Action wise , only few scenes where V play knifey with heavy armoured soldier/police? guess who win..?

Interesting scenes include , British parliament get blown away ! Yes actually can see Big Ben ( the famous clock tower in UK ) went ka boom..into pieces..USA is in **** position with civil war etc etc and actually begging for UK..haha..V figthing with knife..hmm tat all. i guess...

Honestly i thought can see bald princess amitaba making out with V , or princess amitaba get molested/tortured in cell...but sadly ...Nope. Or maybe one scene only?

Tat all..
Pls include any comments..Thanks..
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