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Dr. J George
19-03-2006, 08:18 PM
If you come now to the infamous TTDI JAYA, the housing estate 'professionaly built' by TTDI DEVELOPMENTS SDN BHD whose board of directors comprise the "whose who" - you will now realise that the water level is dangerously high - both at Sungei Damansara and Sungei Gambier. :eek:

You will notice:

A: Residents

1. Residents are already parking their cars at higher ground.
2. Residents are all gathering repeatedly at various areas around the river and bridges to check if we are about to be hit again after the Feb 26 disaster.
3. You will notice that the old "retention pond" is now quite full
4. Residents praying that the old concrete platform now dividing the rivers and us will hold if not we will be imediately hit again.
5. Families asking one another if they should start to move their belongings upstairs (for the double storey buildings) and the single storey - sorry no escape zone!
6. The shopping and business area just wondering if the present rain will stop if not their already clogged and collapsed drains will push the rainwater into their shops causing economic loss and damage.

B. The Powers That Be:

1. "Kita tak boleh beri pampasan bila2 nya ada hujan.
2. Oh we already approve the budget but the flood datang dulu!
3. Oh no point blame others we see what can be done (since Feb 26?)
4. Oh this is the time we can ask federal govt more money for "flood mitigation work" - can give to our crony contractors and supporters?
5. Oh we are at the place but can do nothing as we are not flood experts!

C. The Outcome if Floods Hits again at TTDI JAYA:

Selangor will see a radical political shift - period and no huge billboard with "mesra raayat" rethoric will save Mr. "Semua Nya OK" and his cronies from the wrath of the people!

19-03-2006, 08:27 PM
Passed by the flyover from D'sara towards USJ at about 7pm and yikes!! saw the water level soooooo close to the earthen bunds...

Hope it doesn't spillover... sure heartache for the residents again....


20-03-2006, 01:41 AM
good Dr.... how's the situation...


Dr. J George
21-03-2006, 04:58 PM
It is raining heavily....thunder & lightning too. Our telephones lines are still out since Feb 27 despite me calling numerous times (44 to be exact!)

Now with the heavy downpour of rain and the mud coming down - the last thing we need is for our homes to be again - the retension pond for the 'Semua Nya OK State! :eek:

Residents are about checking and watching. Like I said we are all becoming "nut cases" due to this situation. :(

Any feedbacks on the strength of the rain upstream vis a vis KL & Damansara anyone?

Thanks! :)

21-03-2006, 05:53 PM
Really sorry to hear abt your situ...the 'semua ok' guy shld be fried.

The really heavy rain in damansara area had stopped but I'd assume that the rain water is now rushing down the river heading towards high-tide klang :eek:

Subang is experiencing rolling thunder. The heavy rain had passed and now its miserable medium shower....

I pray Dr that yr house won't 'kena' again...really pray that its truly semua ok for all residents in S.Alam.

Yang Amat Berkecewa dgn selangor lato tupai

21-03-2006, 09:54 PM
Well, thunderstorms and 'microbursts' downdrafts are common nowadays as runoff and evaporation rate increases with the rapid pace of development.

Only thing is hope for the government to do something or better be prepared!
Some info that may be of use to us @ www.ewarns.com.my

SMS Alerts will roll out on 30.3.2006, hope to make public at least to be more prepared... For now in Sg. Buloh, hope to cover Shah Alam, Subang, Puchong, Damansara and KL by mid-year.

Just enclosed some graphics to show what really happened on 9 March 2006 3pm (apologize for loss of quality due to max 480 x 480 pixels).