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17-03-2006, 02:41 AM
Drama ...

Eh..The main actor who acted as Capote won the best acting and got an oscar..Ok lah..He did look like a gay reporter..

The whole movie really concentrate on Mr Capote interaction with the killer in the prison..how he influence them to talk to him and tell their story so that mr capote can write a novel based on their accounts..So like laying to them , deceive them to believe that capote is genuiely helping them..Also show so conflict in mr capote..have to talk to these 2 serial killer..Which one of them look quite gentle but otherwise..etc etc..

Hmm ..Ok nice ah..If u interested to see how capote win the best actor and beat the others actors..
I believe CRASH and TransAmerice is much a better movie.. than this.

Any comments . Pls include..THanks