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20-02-2006, 03:28 PM
For those who has watched this movie, so called first art movie in Malaysia, pls share your view here.

09-03-2006, 01:10 PM
on one hand, this movie really really disappointed me. on the other hand, it irritated the HELL out of me.

the biggest flaw of this movie was the pace. far too slow. that may have served towards the purpose of the audience having enough time to savour the art of the movie, but really, it wasnt all that mind-blowing for me to feel it was worth the time i spent watching the show creep slowly forward.

the makers of this movie must have thought they were very smart to cast the 3 big names, Nicholas Teo, Amber Chia and Carmen Soo as the movie's main characters. unfortunately not. Nicholas Teo was a detached piece of kayu, no emotion put into his role at all. his character should have been a quiet, intense man, but he was just .. meh, what time is lunch ah?

Amber Chia tried really hard, it was quite obvious, so kudos for that. too bad she still cant act. she's too self conscious about herself to really let loose and act properly. i thought Carmen Soo gave the best performance, though it was only chilly at best. her glances and looks had some megawatt power, man. but that's where it ends. the star of the show is the girl who played Nicholas Teo's sister.

i oso want to say the screenplay was really bad. the redundant references to the number 3 was too annoying to ignore. if they had played it down and been more subtle with the hints (like how it was perpetually 3pm/3am in the movie) instead of throwing in the number 3 every two sentences .. that would have been not too bad.

the time jumps were horrible too. some people can piece it together in a very seamless and effortless manner, but clearly not for the makers of 3rd Generation.

i thought this movie was an utter cinematic flop. i got quite pissed when they kept toting themselves as the first Malaysian chinese art film. cos they're totally not deserving of the title. granted, their art direction was good, but it was NOT great, nor was it fantastic, nor anything worth remembering.