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14-02-2006, 10:31 AM
Look like mpsj is dealing seriously with jalan usaha issue. Started from yesterday 13/2/06 mpsj plan to spend 7 days to conduct traffic survey from 6am to 10pm every day.

There are 2 team of men from mpsj- enginering dept @ both end of jalan usaha to mark the traffic flow.

Yesterday (13/2/06 ) record show :- Motorists from jalan tujuan heading to LDP using jalan usaha are 811 private cars, 59 heavy trucks & 152 motobikes within 7am to 8am. ( 1 hour only )

Anyway i has made arrangment with mpsj ydp together with Dr.kow, adun kinrara & some of our Jkp member to visit the site ( Jalan usaha ) next mth, see how we can help to save & improve the situation.

14-02-2006, 10:56 AM
I don’t want to be seen as being ungrateful about the information or shooting the messenger, but we really need to know the actual purpose of the traffic survey.

Are they planning to reduce traffic along Jalan Usaha or could it be that they are planning to widen the road?

The JKP should get more information for the Residents.


14-02-2006, 01:48 PM
Good question Robert. At first I thought they have run out of numbers to pun and thus are taking down the registration numbers to visit the KTM (Kuda, Toto, Magnum) later this Wednesday. Jokes aside, this is the reason why suddenly MPSJ is conducting this survey. This issue has been ongoing since 2002 and every now and then, the residents will rise up and fought this battle but everytime without success until we decide to fight this battle from a different front and finally have this breakthrough. Read all about it here.

Can all USJ 12,16,17 & 18 residents work in force to stop heavy vehicles from using Jalan Usaha as the the road for vehicles not more than 5 tan! We shall ask MPSJ to built barrier!
Posted dated 23-2-2005

Chris Fletcher is an Aussie on the MM2H (Malaysia My Second Home – his name appeared in last Sunday news) program and lives with his Malaysian wife in my neighbourhood. He is the jaga kereta berat of Jalan Usaha. We have heard of dogs chasing cars but this is the first time you are hearing of kweilo chasing trucks.
From: fletch8@pd.jaring.my
To: susan@
Cc: pcyeoh@usj.com.my
Subject: Errant driver from Bersatu Maju Express.
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2004 13:36:32 +0800

Hi Susan,

I am on the 'JKP Zone 3 Traffic Committee, this is a community based group
under the MPSJ local Subang Jaya council.

My job is to track over weight trucks using Jl. Usaha illegally. This is a
local residential street that has a "posted" 5 Ton and under load limit, it
is clearly sign posted at either end however some drivers use it as their
personal short cut to get from the Hi-com to Puchong expressway to Jl.
Tujuan instead of going down to the traffic lights and turning left into Jl.
Kewajipan. One of the major reasons for the 5 ton limit is because of the
gas pipeline that runs under the road where it changes from USJ16 to USJ12.
If this is cracked by an overweight truck then the following gas leak
or explosion would have severe repercussions on both the driver, company and
loss of life in the surrounding homes and kindergarten.

The driver was hauling 2 x 20' containers, this matter happened at 3pm wed
20th, I followed the driver and noticed he had stopped at a phone booth in
Jl Tujuan to make a call, on seeing me parked in front of his vehicle and
noting down his numbers and your company's name on the front door of the
prime mover he approached me, I asked for this company's phone number as it
was not listed on the vehicle, he became VERY agitated and tried to snatch
the paper from my hand, he then acted very threatening towards me and tried to
stop me from returning to my vehicle. I told him I would call the police
if he did not back away. He then ran back to his truck. As I left, I saw him
running after my car taking note of my registration number.It is best to advise
him that the police have been notified and should my car be vandalized he will be the
prime suspect! This is not the actions of an innocent man but a road bully
and thug.

The trucks registration number is BHD 3529, cab number BM 701. Trailer T/BB 3659.

Please advise all your drivers and contractors not to use this road, it is
rated for under 5 ton vehicles only. We have also requested the local police
station at USJ8 to conduct regular patrols and issue tickets, they have
agreed to start this as of Friday 22nd and the MPSJ will be installing more
signs and speed humps.

I look forward to your detailed reply and if possible to meet with Mr.
Raymond so he can see the area for himself. I can be reached on 016 6346040.

Chris Fletcher,
Traffic Committee.

For more details and history, click here

The reason why MPSJ is doing this traffic study is due to the fact that Petronas Gas in their letter dated last week has directed them to do something before any catastrophe happens. I won’t tell you what is the action that is proposed by the JKR that MPSJ should take but Petronas Gas has expressed their urgency that this action has to be taken now..

It all started when we wrote to Petronas Gas to confirm the safety limit of their gas pipeline which Jalan Usaha traversed. Petronas Gas in their reply to Chris Fletcher confirmed that their gas pipeline can withstand up to a weight of 20 ton. With that information, Chris together with a few residents called a Press conference to express the residents’ concern over the danger posed by scores of trucks and grossly over weight heavy vehicles going over this pipeline at Jalan Usaha. Many people disputed that figure. Today, it is proven that the figure is possible. MPSJ hopes to collect these data on the volume and weight of these vehicles so that they has justification to take the necessary action. The action to be taken will bring benefits to all those residents living here in USJ 12, 16, 17 and 18 specifically.

14-02-2006, 11:47 PM
It all started when we wrote to Petronas Gas to confirm the safety limit of their gas pipeline which Jalan Usaha traversed. Petronas Gas in their reply to Chris Fletcher confirmed that their gas pipeline can withstand up to a weight of 20 ton.Err...PCYeoh:)...this figure is misleading...are they talking about 20t/(20,000)kg/force per square metre or per square foot...???

Ahem...even the tarmac or concrete surfaces on the PLUS expressways...could NOT withstand that load bearing pressure....let alone on Jalan Usaha(USJ16/12)... :rolleyes:

15-02-2006, 03:07 AM
I think people fat people also should be ban from using the road because of their weight.

Seriously if you are wearing high heels, the pressure at the tip of the heel can be very high (pressure = weight / area).

Seriously again, good work to you guys.