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26-01-2006, 10:42 PM
Four men attempting to steal two Tenaga Nasional Berhad live transformer units early this morning would have got away with it, if not for the alertness of a policeman on patrol duty at the toll plaza here.

In the 3am incident, the men, aged between 20 and 41 years, had earlier dismantled the transformers from the Tenaga substation in Taman Malim Prima and Bernam Industrial Park near here.

They had transferred the transformers into a lorry using a crane and took off southbound on the North-South Expressway with a Proton Wira in tow.

Just after the toll plaza here, a policeman on patrol saw the two vehicles tailing closely and became suspicious.

He, with another policeman, flagged down the vehicles and on checking, found the stolen transformer units under a tarpaulin cover.

Tanjong Malim district police chief Deputy Superintendent Shariff Abdul Aziz Shariff Rahimatullah said the policemen arrested the men immediately.

"Police discovered that the transformers’ wires had been severed when they removed them from the substation and onto the lorry.

"Some 130 houses in Taman Malim Prima and one or two factories nearby lost electricity supply following the theft," he told a Press conference this evening.

Shariff said the transformers, costing a total of about RM200,000, were quite huge, with a rated voltage of 1,000kva and 500kva respectively.

He said the vehicles seized bore Selangor registration number plates and police believed the men were part of a syndicate involved in stealing transformers to be stripped for scrap metal.

Police are investigating the case under Section 457 of the Penal Code for housebreaking and theft. The offence is punishable with an imprisonment of up to 14 years.

This is the first time Tenaga transformer units have been stolen here.

They are however frequently stolen elsewhere the country. The transformers’ oil is siphoned into drums to be re-used or sold later.

Their copper cores are sold on the black market for about RM12 per kilo.

I wouldn't be suprised if the scrap metal dealers nearby here are also involved in the theft of the lamp post electric covers, steel crash barriers, drain covers, fencing, etc etc... In fact all the drain covers on the flyover heading to Putra Heights have gone... :mad: As for the missing street lights post covers.... the authorities will wait till some poor kid gets electrocuted before they would replace the covers... typical! :mad:

01-02-2006, 03:09 PM
aiyah, how to replace so soon kena curi later....

01-02-2006, 04:27 PM
just the other day, I witnessed a lorry parked on the road shoulder opposite/near USJ 23 - the driver was apparently unfastening the bolts to the steel crash barrier while being partially hidden by the parked lorry... and so I called the police! and they got to apprehend the joker!

I must say here that the Putra Heights guys are really responsive!!! Syabas to the guys in blue there :)

For those staying in the USJ23 - Putra Hgts area and don't have the contact number - this is their number: 03-51922404