View Full Version : Home security durng CNY?

25-01-2006, 09:18 PM
guess everyone who is celebrating cny will be excited by tomorrow night but back on our mind we will leave behind our beloved house and start praying no idiot will try to break in...one wish is all policeman outthere should be doing their round and all condos security guard to 'guard' their owners condo or apt diligently else we all will be very dissapointed...neighbours who are staying put should be a good do their neighbour a big favour...let's us have a fantastic year and kong hee fatt choy to all and have a safe journey.

What can the owner do to prevent any break-in effectively?.

Year of the Dog...'will be get my real dog' this year
:D ;)
don't forget to get ready your new notes and bring them along...'real story from a friend who managed to exchange new notes but left it at home... :(