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20-01-2006, 09:08 AM
Amnesty International Subang Jaya Local Group is
holding a film screening on Feb 10 and 11. Besides the film screening itself, there will be a facilitator to see a discussion through after the show.
Hope you can make it and support the event. Would appreciate you
mailing the advert below out to your contacts as well.
Many thanks,

Dates : 10 & 11 February 2006
Location: KL Performing Arts Centre
Amnesty International's Subang Jaya Local Group is holding the
screening of "The Oil Factor" and "The President vs. David Hicks"
respectively on 10 & 11 February 2006. Both documentary & film give
insight to the human rights abuses that occur during the 'War on
Terror'. Admission is by invitation only with a minimum donation of
RM10/pax. For further information, you may contact Sham at 012-2238459.

10 February 2006

The Oil Factor
A must-see documentary for those
who want to have a peek into what's
really at stake with today's
"War on Terror"

11 February 2005

The President vs David Hicks
The story of the Australian Taliban
fighter, David Hicks, explores and reflects one man's journey from
rodeo rider to Guatanamo Bay detainee

The Amnesty International Subang Jaya Local Group has picked the human
rights abuses during the war on terror as our focus campaign. As part
of the efforts, we initiate this two day film screening among our
other activities. For further info please visit www.aimalaysia.org

Torture works...
to inflict unspeakable pain on defenseless people
to break the will and destroy the personality of the victim
to brutalise the victims
to make the victim say what the torturer wants to hear
to increase terrorism by normalizing brutality and antagonizing
to inspire hatred and terror across whole communities
to deepen divisions in society by dehumanizing certain groups

Torture doesn't work...

To stop terrorism
make us safer