View Full Version : Need for court to determine renunciation?

19-01-2006, 02:02 AM
A woman failed to get a High Court here to declare that she had renounced Islam.

High Court Justice Md Raus Sharif struck out Asiah Begam Nahurghani's case yesterday following an application by Federal Territory Religious Council, which was named as the defendant in the summons. "
Source :http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2006/1/18/courts/13139342&sec=courts

with moorthy's case still fresh from d oven here we have another case of mankind playing God and convenient reinterpretation of the constitutional guarantee of freedom of religion.

agreed that apostasy is a very serious sin in islam. but sin is also a relationship between d offender n d almighty. in our human frailty but honest concern 4 fellow mankind, we may advice and guide and do whatever 2 discourage somebody from sinning but we can never ever stop another person from commiting sin.

therefore, if we hv laws that require a legal forum 2 approve one's renunciation of a religion, those laws must surely be a transgression agst the constitutional guarantee of freedom of religion.

also i believe that it is better to "lose one hand which is bad" than 2 have 2 hands of which 1 is so bad a misfit as 2 trouble d good hand. if i dont want 2 be a priest it is better that i break my vows than 2 continue wear d frock n openly detest d vocation n faith. :eek: