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18-01-2006, 05:26 PM
M took the evening for himself and went down to KL to report on the new bus system that was introduced on Jan 16.

He rode the buses from 7-1030 pm, travling to various areas of the city, all for RM2.

Here is the info for your interest and future use.


For RM2, you can board any of the city shuttles and hop on and off all day. You have to keep your ticket and show the driver when you board.

Currently, the shuttle buses are independent of the other rapidKL routes, so you would have to pay another fare when boarding another rapidKL bus or entering an LRT station.

Buses really are 5 minute frequency give or take a few moments because of the traffic, and they really are close to major destinations, pass by LRT and bus centres, etc.

The first bus trip at each hub leaves at 6:00 am and the last bus arrives at it's destination at 12:00-12:30AM

The Hubs

There are 5 Hubs, which are:

KL Sentral
Medan Pasar
Maluri LRT

There are also 15 routes, numbered 101-115. Here is a breakdown of the routes by hub.

R101 - Titiwangsa to Medan Pasar
R102 - Titiwangsa to Medan Pasar (via Kg. Baru)
R103 - Titiwangsa to KLCC (via Jln. Raja Muda Musa)
R104 - KLCC to Titiwangsa
R105 - KLCC to Medan Pasar
R106 - KLCC loop via Bukit Bintang (berkeliling)
R107 - Maluri loop via Bukit Bintang (berkeliling)
R108 - Medan Pasar loop via Bukit Bintang (berkeliling)
R109 - KL Sentral to Titiwangsa
R110 - KL Sentral to Medan Pasar
R111 - Maluri to Medan Pasar
R112 - Maluri to KL Sentral
R113 - Maluri to Medan Pasar (via Bukit Bintang)
R114 - Maluri to KLCC
R115 - KL Sentral loop via Jalan S. Hishamuddin etc (berkeliling)

The New Buses

The new buses are designed by MTrans and manufactured in China. They have digital LED destination signs on the front (above the window) and the side (behind the entrance door).

The buses are lower floor, with only 1 step inside the bus. However to get to the seats at the very back end of the bus, the passenger has to climb two extra steps.

There are hanging straps and all of the handrails are yellow safety rails, easier to see and grip.

The bus driver does not make change so you must have exact change.

Currently, the buses are not fitted for the Touch N Go system.

Interesting things about the buses

There are 37 seats and there is room for at least 30 people standing on the bus. Strangely, the official numbers printed on the side of the bus say 43 seats and 28 standing.

There is a small surveillance camera covering the rear exit from the bus

There are 3 seats coloured orange which are designated for wheelchairs. However, there is no way they can be moved, and there are no wheelchair ramps on the buses at this point. This is probably a plan for the future but right now it looks silly.

The back row of seats are very low from the floor, so short leg people must sit here :P Anyone with long legs will have their knees in their face.

There are seatbelts on some of the seats


Here are a few issues that I have which I will also forward to rapidKL.

1) The bus bays in Malaysia were never designed to handle so many buses. The result is that the buses are backing up onto the streets. I had the impression they would not wait for more than 5 minutes but that is not what i saw.

Believe it or not, there are actually too many buses...and they are idling, polluting the air...at KL Sentral the pollutants collect (since there bus bay is covered) and move up the stairway to the main entrance and can enter the building, which is dangerous.

The operations supervisors should organize the buses and move them out fast instead of letting them idle...and the engineers should redesign bus bays according to North American standards.

2) At Medan Pasar, there are over 200 trips per day from R108 alone, and 7 City Shuttle bus routes stop there. There is also competition/ interference from other traffic and other buses (esp. Selangor Bus Co. and Metrobus).

the DBKL should restrict Medan Pasar to buses only, making it into a transit mall from Lohoh Pasar/Yap Ah Loy to Tun Tan Siew Sin...basically from UOB to amBank and HSBC. Cars can be diverted so Hang Kasturi and Tun Tan Siew Sin and still access to Leboh Ampang.

The lane in front of the UOB and amBank and HSBC should be closed to cars also. This lane should be widened and reserved for Metrobus and Selangor Bus routes.

3) There is almost no proper signage and route information at the Hubs to indicate that the city shuttles are stopping there. RapidKL must design signs very fast and put them at the hubs and the bus stops as well. If they want to operate a fast, high frequency transit service, they have to give passengers the proper information at the hubs.

4) The City Shuttle buses should have signs that identify them as city shuttles, so passengers are more aware of the service. Perhaps they could add that to the LED destination boards...but signs in the windows would also work.

5) right now as I write this, there is no information on the rapidKL website about the city shuttles...that is really embarassing.

I hope all this information is useful. I will post a scan of the route maps as soon as I can.

Cheers, M

19-01-2006, 01:29 PM
RapidKL has now posted information about the City Shuttles on their website, www.rapidkl.com.my

Specific information for the city shuttles can be found at this page http://www.rapidkl.com.my/rapidbus_cityshuttle.htm

There is a map available on this page

If you click on any of the route numbers, a popup will appear which shows you the main stops on the route.

For further information you can call:

HOTLINE : 1-800-388-228

I hope this proves to be useful to everyone.

I'm now looking forward to seeing the changes in June. :)

Regards, m

21-01-2006, 12:29 PM
I bus causes the same pollution as around 15 unleaded petrol cars together. Therefore, a bus does only contribute positively as long as there are >>15 passengers in the bus (assuming of course that the cars have no passengers).

These is based on some European figures. I'm sure the KL buses are worse, since it appears the bus companies (legally or illegally I don't know) use cheaper fuel than the bus is designed for and hence cause ineffective combustion.

Another thing I've noticed about the RapidKL buses is that they drive like madmen flout the rules regularly. Just yesterday I was driving upslope Jalan Sultan Ismail. For the third time since I came back to KL, I've seen the RapidKL bus completely block the Jln Ampang/Jalan Sultan Ismail intersection, and each time beating the red light to queue up at the single lane leading towards KLCC. I've also seen them high speed zig-zagging on roads with pedestrians and roadside stalls.

Unless they touch up their act they will quickly be nicknamed 'RabidKL'.