View Full Version : As seen on advertisement? but... when you buy it, it tells a different story.

17-01-2006, 04:20 AM
For now i will relate to my apartment, a beautiful; majestic apartment as advertised on newspaper with all the facilities you ever wanted (unfortunately, i haven't made full use of them such as swimming pool, tennis court, gym and etc....).

Now few years have passed, and out apartment has truly changed quite abit. Don't mention the foundation of fencing sinking due to near by construction; small cracks; paint pealing yet, those are totally different issues all togather. (already made some complaints to MPSJ, but waiting for results now.)

Back to as advertised on flyers and newspapers, the ground floor of our apartment is used reserve specifically for commercial use (like small grocery, cafe and etc..). However, due to lack of commercial tenants probably they didn't advertise. The developers decided to convert the commercial units into residential units, now thats odd? Is the conversion legal that's one of the question, furthermore the developer now is back tracking on its word. MpSj responded saying because our density is low, therefore it was justify to convert the idle units into residential lots. Hang on abit, how low is low density in an apartment? My apartment has 16 floors (or was it 18?), each floor has about 8 units. The rough estimate would be give and take 144 units, with say a family of 3 (Mom/dad/Child = average, give or take) so about 432 people staying in a single apartment block (we have two blocks). Even the parking lots allocatted to each tenant (owner of a unit) is not sufficient, some have 2 cars while some have 5 (some tenants get hold of the maximum allocatted quota and assign it to someone else). Now i will double back on my questions:
1. How big is the population in a single block or two is considered low density?
2. Legality of conversion?
3. Remember as advertised on newspaper & flyer, imagine your swimming pool being converted into a pond, or tennis court into parking lot for more revenue and ... so forth. (i assume that this type of things do happen, occasionally)
4. What guildelines does MpSj follow to Convert?

Your say.

17-01-2006, 10:21 AM
Depending on your purchase contract and terms, I believe you could get some answers to your concerns? If you have any rights at all in this scenario.. they would be as provided in your contract and you would have to consult a local attorney for a rights explication. Or, bug MPSJ everyday..Have heard it seldom works.. :)

18-01-2006, 05:11 PM
As seen on advertisement? but... when you buy it, it tells a different story

your case not so bad lar.. at least you get what you see after you paid the money... even if it's only for a short period.

How about those misleading advertisement like the KFC's latest gimmic, the BIG fish burger?
As advertised, it's HUGE, it's BIG, it's LONG... when ordered... it's small and tiny... no where near the size in the adverts like TV or poster, so can I ask for a refund?? :p
Last time when they launch the chicken fillet burger also advert it as a huge burger in the TV ad, when it's served... it's tiny :( finished it in two bites only, and I'm not even 1/4 tank full :p
KFC nowadays ar.... are bloody kedekut... size of everything has shrink and price increased.

18-01-2006, 07:07 PM

aiyah, not only apartment, condo .... kfc or mcdonald.... that's about everything.

i got my condo in good looking and maintain but today I still pay RM80 for the maintenance every month to enjoy the green and mildew swimming pool, tennis court and barbecue area.... the gym section is not safe to use + i get "earthquake" n "dancing floor" feeling when other building got it until the tenant move in and move out few months later.

previously wantan mee is RM1.80 and today RM4.50 but i still feel hungry after eating that.....

i would say if you once bought a house 10 or 20 years ago.... don't see lah, at least it doesn't have so much crack as the house nowsaday.... crack at your and neighbour hourses too.