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14-01-2006, 02:40 PM
Need we remind ourselves yet again that our police oftentimes take high risks to chase and apprehend criminals?

And for what? A measly pittance in terms of salary and allowances, as compared to what is earned by those who have a field day in criticising the police. :mad:

Wonder when we will have a scheme to reward the good personnel in the police, while weeding out the bad and the incompetent?

14-01-2006, 03:12 PM
Source of news?

14-01-2006, 04:26 PM
NST and the Malay Mail .

Don't u read the papers? :confused:

14-01-2006, 08:20 PM
And for what? A measly pittance in terms of salary and allowances, as compared to what is earned by those who have a field day in criticising the police. :mad: Those who earned a lot and having a field day criticisng the police also pay the taxes that form the measly salary and allowances of the little cop.

I'm sure if the cops perform their duties well, there would be very little criticism directed at them. Similiarly, if those irresponsible politikus upstairs do their work and carry out the reforms as recommended in the Police Commission Report, such criticism would be much-reduced, if not totally absent. :rolleyes:

15-01-2006, 08:31 AM
Chaos along Jalan Cheras
Devinder Singh

KUALA LUMPUR, Fri For 15 minutes this morning, chaos reigned along Jalan Cheras as three men in a lorry drove against traffic to escape the police after a botched-up robbery at Taman Midah.

Vehicles made emergency stops as the one-tonne lorry barrelled along the road with a police patrol car and a police motorcycle in hot pursuit about 5.20am.

Just as the robbers reached the General Operations Force (GOF) base in Taman Cuepacs, the driver made an abrupt U-turn and rammed the police car.

The lorry also knocked into the motorcycle, resulting in Konstable Mohd Nor Hazril Zainal, 23, breaking his right wrist and a bone in his right thigh.

One of the two policemen in the patrol car then fired several shots at the lorry, hitting the left door above the tyre.

INJURED COP: Nor Hazril recuperating following an operation at HUKM.

The chase resumed as the lorry returned to Jalan Cheras and headed towards Taman Connaught against the flow of traffic.

Three more patrol cars joined the chase after being alerted.

The three suspects abandoned their vehicle and fled towards Taman Connaught.

Two were arrested at Jalan Sarjana 1 while the third escaped.

The drama began about 5.15am when police received a report of a break-in at a tyre shop at Jalan Midah 1.

A patrol car arrived at the scene and noticed that a lorry had backed into the entrance of the shop.

On seeing the patrol car, the suspects jumped into the vehicle and fled towards Jalan Cheras.

The policemen gave chase but were surprised when the lorry made a right turn into Jalan Cheras against the flow of traffic.

The patrol car followed the lorry until Taman Cuepacs where Konstable Mohd Nor joined the chase on his motorcycle.

Cheras police chief Assistant Commissioner Hasnan Hassan said police recovered 32 tyres and 16 cans of engine lubricants worth RM5,000 from the lorry.

"Both the men have prior criminal convictions. We are trying to trace the third suspect," he told a Press conference at the Cheras police headquarters.

Source (http://www.nst.com.my/Current_News/nst/Saturday/National/20060114080146/Article/index_html)

15-01-2006, 08:38 AM
I do read the news it is just that I think it would create less confusion if there were reference to the news you were talking about. Anyway, I have attached the news here. Also, I don't just paste link cause link expires when the news goes into archieve.

Anyway, I agree with you. There are a lot of "heroic" acts our police have done and gone unnoticed. It is just those few bad apples who made it bad.

I also notice that in Malaysia, when there is a problem, it is always the people at the bottom that gets the boot. I think this will solve nothing cause this means the people at the top does not take responsibility for what has happened.

Until we can make the people at the top be responsible for what has happened in their dept., nothing will change. E.g. when there was a problem with MRR2, Samy should get the boot but that is not the case. The police lokap incident, who got the boot? The lady constable.