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13-01-2006, 05:04 AM
For parents, when they are bring up their children education is one of the big issues. As if it hasn't got worse, you even need to plan their education in advance. Let me Elaborate from my simple chart.

First of the list the normal Government Education System:
Kindergarden-->primary school-->secondary-->Matrikulasi or STPM--> local University or local Colleges

note by, if you have an STPM qualification you can go overseas to further your education recognized in the UK.

Second Semi-Gov Education route
Kindergardn-->primary school-->Private Chinese High School = UEC-->A level--> University in Taiwan?/ UK?
Note: if u have UEC u can get into Taiwanese Universities.

3rd Semi Government
Kindergarden-->primary school-->secondary school or some might choose british O Lvl--> A level/Aup/SAm--> foreign University.
A level= UK uni/Singapore/Australia/NZ
AUP = American
Sam = Australia
CPU = Canada
and so on...

4th home schooling!
Rare but in my hometown they do it, final option Australia or USA. Malaysian Gov so far i don't think has recognized it yet.

5th Private
Kindergarden-->Tuanku Jaafar College (boarding School)--> UK university

6th Semi Gov
Kindergarden-->Primary-->Secondary-->college (2+1, 1+2 and etc..)

Basically i've mentioned everything in passing, furthermore most of the above can be mixed and matched according to your taste. On the other hand, it depends on your financial capability, for example for options 5 will definately cost you an arm and a leg.

I will elaborate further...

13-01-2006, 09:21 PM
d best thing 4 my kid is what he/she is comfortable. it is most probably going 2 b a choice remotely resembling any idea i hv. theres no such thing as "best system" or "best course" or best whatever in edu except what d student feels he/she is best in. we parents provide d guidance, opportunity, support - d $$$. all else is d student.

14-01-2006, 12:46 AM
pretty true, but when it comes to the finance part, if your child is not particularly brilliant/outsanding to get scholarship (math always score 99.5%- i remembered i score 10 for additional math for Form 5 "trial exam", thank god i came out ok in Spm). Education bill could cost as much as a Mercedes benz s320?, especially when you daughter pops up infront of you and says "PApa i want to become a Doctor!!!"

Well i think some planning in advance/ contingency is needed, although your children may want to do it their way.

10-02-2006, 12:26 PM
heloo.....i just found online education system for budak2 sekolah....i will post the informatio a.s.a.p......... :)