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Dr. J George
31-12-2005, 12:00 PM

I have just returned from a particular school in Shah Alam, Selangor where during the said orientation we were told that a special class is being initiated called ‘Kelas Rancangan Khas’ for students who were not facilitated places in various ‘maktabs’.

Non Malays are again put in special “moral classes” and I wonder whether this is again a subtle “streaming being initiated?

However in the said Kelas Rancangan Khas (KRK) - special extra tuition and other support would be facilitated for the said students who I am advised come from a particular race.

First of all, is this practice widespread? Is it valid?

We already have widespread polarization and does this help create a Malaysian atmosphere so much preached about or is it again another sinister and clandestine plan by those behind the social engineering program?

I am also told parents must pay a compulsory RM100.00 per head for the schools computerization program!

My mathematics says from form one alone they will make a whopping RM30, 000.00 a year!

Is this again widespread and for what purpose when the government already have allocated allocation for this special purpose?

Can someone please enlighten me?

Anyone with the Ministry of Education here? Hello?

Watch this space!

31-12-2005, 12:23 PM
having a one race only special class is not unique. It is practised in a few kebangsaan schools. It is positoned as additonal class to aid the 'slower' students. But yes, i agree that by restricting it to one race will add salt to the polarisation wound. But this is the headmaster/administrator's choice/decision. And he/she is the local school strong man/woman.

A chinese school in old klang road charged standard 1 student RM2.00 a month for computer class. All parents paid up, i heard.

Blur tupai :confused:

Dr. J George
31-12-2005, 12:30 PM
Thanks bro Tupai.

If this was for 'slower students' I have really no difficulty as it will help those in this demograph. :)

But here - it is the "top ones" perhaps also "politically connected ones" who applied for Maktab but/who did not make it for lack of places?

But why this rather racist program?

Why create this special program in a ordinary government secondary school knowing fully well that people will scream - racism!

RM100.00 for government school computer program something does not add up.