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27-12-2005, 11:59 AM
People wishes for so much - from a condominium, a vehicle to earning a few tons of money. I read this article in The Sun. I believe that if we all wish for this in our hearts and then actually practicing it, the world would be a much better place to live in. This is an article written by Rachel Goodchild.

"Sometimes as parents, we forget we are meant to be the people in charge. Perhaps, things are not going too well at work, or in our marriage. We may be really tired or not feeling too well. Whatever the reason, unless you are perfect, it is likely you will go over the top and lose control with your children at some point in their life.

Our children have been designed to test us, teach us and develop our understanidng of unselfish love just as much as we have been designed to provide them with security, meeting their needs and helping them understand how the world works. Their only source of developing understanding about love in the early years is from us - a huge responsibility.

It is little wonder we as parents can feel like we may crack under the pressure. An innocent request when we are tired or a need that must be met just when we have had enough can make a parent feel like it is sometimes all too much. There have been times I have let my children and myself down. With three children under five, a household to manage and a business to run, I sometimes feel I am stretched to breaking point.

While I try very hard not to take this out on my children, sometimes the stress gets unfairly pointed in their direction. We do not hit our children in our family, but that does not mean they do not suffer from a lapse in my self-control. A harsh word can be a damaging tool and a tired mother such as myself can be adept at using it.

I love my children deeply and hated seeing their eyes widen with shock as I shouted at them in anger. Now, I have learnt some good tools to not only prevent such outbursts but also to fix it up if I do end up losing it. If I feel anger beginning to rise up in myself, I have taught myself to think: 'What am I really angry at?' If it is my work, or something else, then I explain to my children that I need a little time to calm myself down, and I remove myself away from them for a minute or so.

I have also learned the power of forgiveness. I will sit my children down and apologize for my lack of self-control. Forgiveness from them is a treasured thing".