View Full Version : beware of the cheating salesmen...again...

08-12-2005, 01:46 AM
Just to warn you guys, there are people going on their rounds in subang jaya now. they will try to look pitiful, ask for a glass of water and tell you how lucky you are that you have won a car. you need to pay RM50 for the government tax and the car is yours.
i know it sounds rediculous but after seeing the various tricks people fall for, i thought i won't take the chance and go ahead to warn all of you about this. be careful!!!

cosmic dust
09-12-2005, 10:21 AM
Obviously it was a trick! A not-so-intelligent trick! If they can give you the car which can worth upto RM50,000, why are they so particular about the RM50?

Below is my personal experience at AmCorp Mall last Sunday. I drove into the carpark (in front of the Mall). I noticed a few people (including 2 girls) loittering around looking for people just alighting from their cars. Thinking nothing of it, I found a parking lot and parked. As expected, one girl approached me claiming to be an agents from Seng Heng and HSL elctronics doing some promotions. She gave me a sealed envelope and told me to open it, saying it either will be a "cash voucher" or a message saying "sorry, better luck next time". Of course, it is so fishy and stupid of her to offer me the envelop. Why doesn't she just open the envelop dnd grabbed whatever cash voucher inside for her own use? I told her the obvious, but she came back with a more silly answer,"we are not entitled to it as we are the agents of those company!" Well, I almost said, "then why not give the cash voucher to your friends who are not agents?" But, after confirming with her I did not have to pay anything for opening the envelop, she says "yes." I am in a hurry under the hot sun and seeing her sweating too, I obliged her by opening the envelop. Guessed what next? Inside the envelop is a voucher of RM150,000. She jumped with joys with big grins on her face and started to congratulate me for winning the big sum of money. Without a second thought, I slipped the voucher into her hands and told her to give it to her friends and walked away. Not really sure what is the expression on her face then but I did not turn back to look.. So, next time you are at Amcorp Mall carpark, just beware. I am frustrated with the Mall operator for letting people like that operating on their premise. It sure scare customers away!! I will definitely not paying anymore visit there in the near future!

09-12-2005, 12:02 PM
i also encountered at taipan ... near the kayu nasi kandar... :) dun b greedy if dun want to get cheated.

09-12-2005, 12:23 PM
They were at Carrefour Subang Jaya as well. About 2 weeks ago a group of teenagers (must be the same gang) were waiting at the basement car park, one of them handed me a sealed envelope after I alighted from my car and told me the same story. I roughly knew what they are up to and returned it to the young girl saying I’m not interested.