View Full Version : Star wars: Republic Commando

08-12-2005, 12:45 AM
Star wars: Republic Commando....B
Shooter, New squad based first person shooter..

Nice simple , game and nice graphic too.
Control 3 members and yourself by clicking F1 to F4 for attack , defense , form on me , and cancel all and regroup ..With this 4 simple command , your team and u , blast all the badass..All the badass are actually the characters in The Clone wars in Star wars movies..Actually events leading to the clone wars.
Can also direct team members to give fire support, armour piercing shot support , bom support , sniper support.

Numerous guns to choose from and got 4 types of bom to give to the badass.
Easy to learn game..

Nice..For people who like simple to average shoot shoot game,who like to finish the game in few days time.Ha ha..