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26-11-2005, 01:07 AM
will infrastructures/transportation in KL ever gonna catch up with the likes of Singapore, Japan or Hong Kong? Just look at the MRT in Singapore & KL LRT systems, they are worlds apart in terms of planning, design & upkeep. When will Malaysia ever learn?

26-11-2005, 01:14 AM
Err...n6688my:)...Orchi might have to wait n see the sun comes rising n shinning from the WEST instead...before Orchi could see any improvement to that effect...happening to the cities that Orchi works n live in...ahem...those being obviously so in the so called KT's self declared 'Modern...Advance...n Developed' State of Selangor Darul Ehsan... :rolleyes:

26-11-2005, 12:28 PM
they are worlds apart in terms of planning, design & upkeep. When will Malaysia ever learn?

There has to lots of pride swallowed before they study any systems used in S'pore. Wheels don't need to be reinvented but then again studies are only the first step.. of more concern is do they have capable human resources for implementation and efficient running and maintenance.. We need to learn how to walk before we can run.

26-11-2005, 01:08 PM
Aiyo, even Kiasuland , HK and many other developed countries have to learn from others and add a bit of local flavour to make it nice, efficient, affordable and manageable. Even Bangkok is starting to look OK.

Bolehland cannot even run an efficient and clean taxi service..a system of service that was used by others not long after Mr. Ford mass produced cars.

LRT, MRT, feeder services etc. are all not real hi-tech stuff anymore. So, why are we still unable to run this sucessfully like others?

Look to MAS for the answers. :o

Others who were once in the same class with us have gone on to Phd. level while bolehland is still struggling with the initial basic degree despite all the advantages and priviledeges.

Americans are planning to go to Mars and bolehland is still screwing around with a faulty electric car window.

Malaysia Boleh.

27-11-2005, 03:15 AM
cant deny we hv some pretty gd devpt around. but its just so sickening that on d macro level planning is so damn selfishly myopic. like take d new condos in tmn midah - there's gonna b someting like over 2000 units all located at d far end of d dead end no alternative exit narrow and already crowded jln midah 8. n all tis traffic can only spill onto midah besar, either towards tasik permaisuri area or jln cheras, ie contesting 4 road space agst visitors 2 d wet mkt who hv scant space 2 park.

admittedly d attitude of d man in d street and corp giants alike are hardly better than kiasuism. if u cant beat em, join em. dats y drains r clogged. dustbins r empty but their surrounding choking ugly. toilets r filty n stinky. adverts plaster every stm n tnb pole. potholes riddle roads. safety manhole covers r missing or those which r not flicked yet r booby traps 4 dvisually handicapped. speed deterrent bumps r not painted. car parks charge u toll 4 passing thru n driving time n not only 4 parking time.

cuss we may dat we hv first world devpt but 3rd clas mentality, but look first at d bastard dat we ourselve r 4 contributing 2 d rot.

(b4 my choice of wd is condemned, may i quote d concise oxford dictionary 10th edition - bastard : an unpleasant or despicable person.)

27-11-2005, 03:39 AM
Err...our leaders including KT saaaaay..."Selangor Darul Ehsan is a Developed State..." no problems with that...when we got 1st class infrastructures/services n environment...macam impressive 25 millions passenger capacity KLIA...comprehensive seaports/expressways/roads/rails system...clean sewerage n drainage(90% of rivers in Selangor are freaking CLEAN...!)...efficient Power Generations(minimal interruptions)...Water Supply at healthy levels(optimum water pressures)...more Modern and effective schools/colleges n Unis(High World Rankings)....Unpolluted Air Quality(blessed by mother nature)...High n Quality Living Standards(impressive statistics)...Safe Living Environment...Crimes are under controls(1 police :7500 residents)...'Steaming' Industrialization...Sustainable growth in State's economy...CyberJaya yang Canggih(scientific name of a 'door')...More IT literates(all schools got computer labs)...NO uncontrollable diseases(Dengue Deaths low)...etc.etc.etc. :cool:

Ahem...for one...they ALL forgot or NEVER take into considerations...that MASSIVE Traffic Congestions n Jams...are causing the wastages of Millions of tons of fuel...Millions hours of DownTime...Millions worth of medical bills...n MORE...but NOT limited to the Deaths of thousands of lives...n Countless numbers of injured victims...YEAR AFTER YEAR...n ENDLESSLY... :rolleyes:

n most of all...DEFORESTATION in the State of Selangor?...Semoa nya OK!!! :mad:

n NOT forgetting...Selangor Darul Ehsan...has got the most illegals n squatters...???

Err...repeat after Orchi...Selangor BOLEH...!!!...Selangor MAJU...!!!...WAWASAN 2020...BOLEH...??? :confused:

29-11-2005, 11:21 PM
in the Boleh land, it also rhymes with kroni land............

when one solutions came up for the sake of rakyat, who got to execute the project? kroni jugak...

eh, heard that our 70's singer also rich nowadays coz of crony...? :D

cosmic dust
30-11-2005, 10:14 AM
Just look at the MRT in Singapore & KL LRT systems, they are worlds apart in terms of planning, design & upkeep.

I have used Metro (Paris), Tube (London), Underground (Italy) and MRT (Singapore). These trains are called Mass Transit Sysytem. They carried hundreds of passengers at any one time. Look at our LRT.. pathetic is the word... only two coaches can be seen running at any one time .. what is the conveyance load they are thinking about? Putting two buses on a track and they called it mass transit?? LOLAROTF..