View Full Version : Unhealthy environment

22-11-2005, 05:19 PM
I need some help. I'm a resident of USJ 2 and I have this cats problem with my neighbour. I'm not against anyone who wants to keep pets. But what I do not like is that my neighbour's cats has been disturbing the 'peace'. they use to come over to my garden and leave their 'poo'. I have many times tell my neighbour and have also collect the 'poo' and give it back to them. Their cats have also come into my house at night, thru the open windows. SO now I have to sleep with my windows close. The cats keep multiplying like nobody business. And lately, the cats **** all over their garden and the back of my house. Just imagine the smell that received me when I come back from work, hungry and tired. Can someone help me - what can I do...complain to MPSJ? I know if it is a dog, then probably MPSJ will take action, but cats? The poo that was left behind also attract flies and it really dirty the environment. DO I have the right to tell them to get ride of their cats?