View Full Version : How much of the money donated really goes to help the disabled n charity??

20-11-2005, 01:46 AM
u are having a good meal in this chinese hawker and all of a sudden this lady with a blind man steps up to you and as usual ask for a donation that supposedly will help the disabled whereas some will go to charity.they convince you by showing u pictures of the disabled n orphaned children.This is currently becoming a trend in m'sia where some take advantage of the generousity of malaysians but just how much of the money is given to the needy instead of some lazy person juz wanting 2 make a quick buck..normally i would donate a small sum but recently,hordes of them have been coming daily around taipan area and in car4 recently...so any1 of you have come across them and do u really donate 2 them or u just shoo them away?

20-11-2005, 08:51 AM
After reading on what happened in S'pore & M'sia lately I totally stopped giving to any of them. They are roping in school children to do the same.the only way to put a stop is to stop giving. If they need help I think they should approach the YBs who lives in mansions build with the rakyat's money & go for holidays with our money. It's high time they start giving back instead of reaping us further. I always refer them to people like Lee Hwa Beng (who wanted to go to Egypt to watch belly dancing with the rakyat's money)& MCA deputy youth leader who had $2.6 b. at the age of 26 years, just the interest will be able to support most of the needy in M'sia.They can also approach any of the AP kings who got their riches just by getting APs from MITI. :p