View Full Version : Rumah Terbuka at Clickers Subang Jaya

19-11-2005, 11:12 PM
Just found out that our friendly neighbourhood Clickers at USJ 9 has moved into the old Kedai Telekom shoplot at 85 Jalan SS 15/5A. For those who are familiar with the area, this is directly opposite the Wisma Mesiniaga in Subang Jaya. The Kedai Telekom has moved into Taipan under the name of TM Point and has joined the bandwagon of the other telco companies such as Digi and Maxis.

Coincidentally, I was there to introduce three friends to sign up for the Streamyx service and there are three new offers that came with the new promotion. There is a new package that is going for RM 77.00 for a 1Mb bandwidth with a free modem (single user) thrown in. But we went for the RM 66.00 which is a 512K package that came with unlimited usage as we prefer to configure our router for flexibility. Their offer of the Aztech DSL 600EW selling at RM 220 (usual price is RM 395.00) is a wireless modem router with 4 ethernet ports PLUS a USB port (this is something new) can literally support 4 PCs (multi users) with network cables and a unlimited wireless connection for notebooks. It is the ideal solution to provide a 6 in 1 device for both Wired and Wireless connectivity. I personally am using 2 PCs and 2 notebooks with a 512K bandwidth and I find that I have no performance issue and this is the best bang for money. Avoid the 1Mb offer with free modem as the contract will tie you down for 24 months. The rest of the packages has a 12 months contract. Oh don't forget to enquire about their RM 44.00 package which now allows you 88 hours of surfing instead of 60 hours.

Since Clickers Subang Jaya is celebrating its open house (rumah baru and not raya kaya) those who sign up will have a free makan and a free gift. Ah....before I forget, this TM promotion entitles you to a air ticket worth RM 40 (first 5,000 TM customers) that will fly you to Penang for free but the catch is this - Everybody can fly but only next year. But Air Asia gurantees that this air ticket to Penang is for any flight. You need only confirm. Beside this, you get to print your holiday snapshots up to 40 shots of 4R size free. This Rumah Terbuka is really sangat murah and is opened to anyone even on tomorrow. So hurry up. If you need assistance to select the many options offered, you can PM me. There is no conditions attached. You are free to shop at any other Clickers shop.

21-11-2005, 12:35 AM
I went there today. Found that their staff are not knowledgeable and can't speak english well enough. You are a better consultant than them . :D