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17-11-2005, 04:41 PM
rec'd this email:-

This a simple form of meditation that anyone can use. Using this technique daily can decrease stress in your life and help you focus.

Pick a word, short phrase, image or prayer that you want to focus on. In some forms of meditation this is called a mantra.

It can be rooted in your personal belief system. A Christian may focus on "The Lord is my shepherd" for example, a Jew "Shalom," or a Muslim "Allah." You may prefer a neutral word such as "calm" or "peace." You may also choose to simply focus on your breath moving in and out.

Pick a quiet place and sit comfortably. Don't set an alarm clock, but sit where you can see a clock if you wish. Close your eyes and relax your muscles.

Breathe slowly and naturally. Repeat your focus word, phrase, or prayer every time you exhale.

Your mind will wander at first. That's okay. Notice where it goes and bring it back to your breathing and the word, phrase, or prayer.

It's important not to be critical of yourself at this point. It's not a bad thing that your mind wanders. It's just what happens. Notice it and passively bring it back to the task at hand. In doing this you are also improving your attention and concentration.

Continue in this manner for ten to twenty minutes. Glance at a clock or watch from time-to-time if you wish. As thoughts enter your mind let them go and focus back on the task at hand.

Practice the technique once or twice daily for best results. As you practice it will become easier to focus and you may notice that the chatter of your mind subsides.