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17-11-2005, 03:34 PM
Recently I was approach by one job agency to do contract job for them, it is one year and IT job. Later another agency approach me with the same job with a higher offer but the later company claim that they could not accept me since I have gone to interview in the name of the 1st company.

Anyone has experience working as contract worker?

17-11-2005, 04:03 PM
If I understand what you wrote correctly, your contract will be with the job agency and not the company where you will be working. In such cases, the job agency will pay you your salary and get reimbursement from the company where you will be working.

As you have gone for the interview as an associate from agency A, naturally, agency B can't send you for the same interview again and states you are their associate.

It is likely you are being short-changed by agency A, who is making a higher margin. An option would be to re-negotiate with them on the package.

17-11-2005, 06:36 PM
Those who apply job via an agencies or head hunters have to watch out. I did that way back in 1995. I also applied directly. Eventually, I got a job on my own effort. One fine day after 3 years with the company, my boss called me into his room and started to asked me all sorts of questions all relating to job statisfaction. I thought it was some kind of a survey until he hit the nail into the coffin. He asked me why I was looking for another job when he was treating me so well - a fairytale I supposed. When I asked him why he said that, he showed to me my resume submitted to him by one headhunter. I was shocked. Eventually we came to a conclusion that the headhunter was negligent. He did not bother to check with me my employment status when he shoved my 3- year old resume to my then boss. My company actually called him in and asked him to apologise to me and from that day onwards, my company ceased to procure his services. He was irresponsible. Imagine if my then boss did not bother to check with me, they would have thought that I was making plans to cabut.

A year earlier he had a tiff with the company. I recommended a friend of mine for the post of a technical manager and coincidentally he was also referred to our company by the same headhunter a week after my friend was interviewed by my company. As he had merely faxed my friend's CV to our company, he claimed that our company used the CV information to hire him and therefore he was entitled to claim his one month's salary commission. This lead to a argument which was eventually lead to my friend being left out.

17-11-2005, 08:56 PM
As he had merely faxed my friend's CV to our company, he claimed that our company used the CV information to hire him and therefore he was entitled to claim his one month's salary commission.

For fact finding sake, actually CV from headhunter contain no contact info of the candidate, they got little ground to claim credit on this, and also the interviewed date was earlier than the resume being faxed. So it sounds illogical for them to entitle for commision.

Not sure it's the same evil headhunter company we r refering here, did experience hired a candidate from a headhunter and few months back the same headhunter contacted the new employee on another opening elsewhere ... from then on their reputation are as black as charcoal ..

18-11-2005, 12:09 PM
But could anybody state out the reason why 2 job agency who is offering the same jobs is offering 2 different salary, is it 1 agency is more greedy than the other and want to squeze more margin out of us?

19-11-2005, 02:35 AM
When you apply for a job under the employment agencies, most of the time your contract is with them. You work for them. Your company pays them and they in turn pay you. Your boss is actually the employment agency. Speak with them for better pay or benefits.
The second scenario is your company pays them (the employment agency) to look for a permanent staff and upon employment, your company pays them off (end of story) and your pay is under the company you work for. In future any benefits of pay increase you speak with the HR dept. or your boss.

19-11-2005, 01:19 PM

Apart from one agency is more greedy than the other, that also depands on the bargaining power of the agency, normally a well established agency will get better deals. It also depands on the relationship between the agency's boss and the company, if the agency's boss is one of the partner behind the agency (normally there are) then no need to say-lah..................

But there are rules among the agencies, onces you have interviewed for the job, the other agency cannot offer you with the same position again, unless it is not the same position.

19-11-2005, 02:56 PM
thanks for all the info, I dunno that working as contract worker is more troublesome, the rate is different with each agency even have to bargain :(
What is upsetting me is the rate different is very big, and I've just happen to be approached by an agent who offer me less, 1st, juz my luck :(

19-11-2005, 04:25 PM

Don't be upset first, did the 2nd agency offer you the job with the rate before they approched their client? Sometimes they find out you have signed up with another agency and they just "bad heart" and said their offer is much higher to make you feel cheated. At present I am a contract worker working overseas and local, for me if I find the rate is reasonable I will signed the contract and I will not upset myself if I find other agency can offer more. The most important thing is you can get your pay promtly, anyway there is more or less a "market rate" and if the agency can offer more than 20% of the "market rate" then something is fishy.

I have friend who get 20% more then my rate but finally he don't get his last month's paid.

22-11-2005, 05:31 PM
crab, the 1st agency would not even want to increase anything after negotiation. They claim that the rate they are paying is fix by the paymaster but a phone call check with the 2nd agency agent show that there is not such thing as fix.

I need to give me confirmation very soon, who do you think I can believe :(