View Full Version : Kopithiam USJ 16

31-10-2005, 09:04 PM
Well last week I took my family for dinner to this new shop in USJ 16. Well we had the usual stuff like 'curry mee' 'spagetti', 'nasi kampong' and a some chinese tea. We were 4 of us and we ended up paying RM 40.

The stools are not at all comfortable ie if you have a big 'butt' anyway I suppose we have a choice of shops to eat so how long this shop is going to stay in this neighbourhood is left to be seen.

Eating shops that open in a residential area must remember that the crowd comes from the housing estate, it is not a moving crowd in a commercial area so the prices must be reasonable.

The eating shop in the corner called Vest Inn ....for RM 40 you can have a very sumptious dinner for 4. Well as I said, we have choices.