View Full Version : Revival Of the State Cinema

29-10-2005, 08:54 AM
So glad to hear that the Lotus Ceo has given it a new lease of life. State Cinema has always been a famous prominent landmark of PJ and for its food outlets around it. Best prawn mee is around the corner too.

Sure it would bring lots of memories, especially to those who went on dates and enjoyed the kacang puteh and other goodies. I too remember my dating sprees there too. ;) .

29-10-2005, 11:53 AM
State cinema in PJ State? Brings back some unpleasant but laughable squabbling memories for me...the one and only time I watched a movie in that cinema and it was closed down right after...charcoal long faces thruout the whole movie but yet could still KFC after that! .. :p

Yah, it would be nice to have it re-opened. Why not..but I'd prefer Summit or Sunway Pyramid for movies.. :)