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26-10-2005, 09:47 PM
I have tried a few stalls at Asia Cafe and I think it's worthwhile to share with all of you on what is good!

1. Grilled Portuguese Squid - RM10 (value for money). Lotsa squid and delicious sambal. Have lady fingers and kacang botol in it. Ordered a bowl of rice for RM0.50. The squid can be shared with 3 person as serving was large. It made me wonder if squid's price is low now coz there were lotsa squied than vegie in my plate!! :p

2. Fried abalone mushroom (RM4) - crispy and best of all its the accompanying chilly sauce. The serving is sufficient for 3 person's snack.

3. The korean bulgogi rice. RM 10, served with one soup and 2 small side dishes. Usually comprise of salad and radish. Love the salad - has apple and vinegar in it. Crisp cabbage too. Ask for extra spicy bulgogi and the owner will add lotsa sliced chilli padi. Very appetising! But would taste better if the rice is steaming hot. Tasted 3 times but only once the rice was warm. The soup is cool too.

4. Ice Blended Kiwi Juice RM3.50 or RM4 (forgot! :D ) - refreshing- sour & extremely cold! Yum Yum - very satisfying during a hot afternoon!!

If anyone has tasted some other good dishes in Asia Cafe, hope you could share with us here!

26-10-2005, 09:50 PM
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